Thursday, 3 September 2015

So fed up....

Hello wonderful friends... Oh I am not fed up with you!! No no no!! You all are keeping me sane!

Must tell you all what's been going on here...

Tuesday I woke not really feeling myself, I could tell within myself something was not quite right... But could not put my finger on it.  Jon called the doctors to get him to visit us at home... Oh that is normal they come out to visit us.  Bearing in mind he was calling before 9am... The doctor returned his call at 3.30 and said no one can come out for a few days!! By this point I had deteriorated and was having breathing issues everytime I moved...and felt like a pile of books were sitting on my chest. So jon called 111 a telephone service where you can talk to health care professionals for help.  They faxed our surgery and told jon to call back telling them I must see a doctor today!  The doctor called back  and was not happy as you can imagine! He agreed to come out and see me... He turned up at 6.30.

He examined me, listened to my chest and could see I was not well.  He called the hospital for advice and they agreed to see me.  But not until the morning as there were no beds if I needed to be admitted.  But said if I got worse to call 999 and go to local one.  The one I was booked into is not local its about 1 hour drive away, I prefer to use that hospital as my local hospital is awful. The doctor was just plan awful, telling me he would rather be sitting by a pool and not working and was fed up with it all.  Oh he made it clear he was not happy about coming out.

I went to bed early as was feeling awful, and anything I did movement wise just left me out of breath.  I did not get much sleep but did rest a little.  The ambulance picked me up and I was in the hospital by 9.  The staff were wonderful, they could see I was frightened as I did not know what was going on with me.  I was thinking it could be more clots back in my lungs, that is what it felt like.  But how could it be as I was taking fragmin injections to stop clots! 

They stuck a cannula in me, took a lot of bloods, sent me for a chest x Ray and waited the outcome.  They were waiting to see what the specialist said as I might of needed to have the dye for a special ct scan of my chest again.

Poor me!

The results came back after a long long wait, as they checked all the blood markers for problems with my heart too.  My bloods were ok and board line in some cases... But they know what they are doing! 

My X-ray showed I had developed more large clots in both lungs and pneumonia, the doctor says my lungs were crackling when he listened.  No wonder i was feeling worn out and tired! 

Thankfully the doctors told me all I had to do was take a 5 day course of antibiotics, and they should help with my breathing.  I should see a difference by day 3 and much better after 5... But if I don't get any better I am to go back to the hospital.  So yipppeee after a long day I was able to go home!! 

The doctor explained its normal to feel the way I was, so tired and with coughing as its my lungs trying to fight the infection and clots at the same time.  I am to have more tests when feeling better as the amount I have had now is rediculas.  The clots are all from being immobile because of my knee!! And it's going to be a long recovery due to what has been going on with me.

No news about my knee, just that next Tuesday I go to get my leg brace fitted.  Not sure how it will help, just support I guess? It's to keep my leg straight, be rather interesting as my leg does not go straight! Ha ah 

So I am home...ha ha for now! Not really doing much at all as I just can't... Even moving my arms in my chair is getting me out of breath! So sitting still.... Yes trying to get a few stitches in!! 

I was thinking about the lovely HAED I am doing, you know William Morris Strawberry Thief... Well I was looking at my books and look what I found!!

This book..


And the back...

How wonderful!! Had not even realised!!!

And before everything went pair shaped before the 1 St September I did manage to stitch the wonderful design from Joyful Journal series from Heart in hand.

He is rather cute! 
Think if I stitch him again one day I may do it on a lighter, maybe cream fabric...

Stitching has become slower... But still hanging in there.

Just wanted to update you all with how I was doing... Not good but I am still here! 

Thanks for sticking with me :)


  1. Sorry to read that you are having such difficulties. Such a cute little owl.

  2. I am glad you got the care you needed. What rubbish, that doctor! I cannot believe he said that! Think it maybe, don't say it!!!!!!!!!!
    Just keep taking things nice and slow. I do so hope that brace helps you be more mobile. You need to get your life back! Thank goodness stitching brings you comfort.

  3. What a year you have had Jacqui, hopefully this time they will get things sorted and you can start to feel much better.
    {get well hugs}

  4. So sorry you are still having such difficulties. Take care - keep stitching and blogging - your friend in the USA…

  5. What an ordeal you are going through, dear! I do hope you feel better soon. I wonder if all of this mess could have been prevented if they just helped you with your knee in the first place... Hang in there, take care of yourself. The owl is very cute! I also liked the Scarlet Letter design you did (a.k.a. "The Screaming Couple." :) Take care and keep blogging!

  6. What can I say!Keep patient and with courage! That too will pass.AriadnefromGreece!

  7. There are no words but to say that I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult health time. Sending hugs to you my friend.

  8. Woman would you get better already?! ;). Sorry to hear your having troubles again at least this time it's something easily fixed. Well except the blood clots. Will the leg brace help you be able to move around? I hope so :). Good luck!

  9. Dear Jacquie, I am very sorry that again you have health problems. I hope that antibiotics help?
    I wish you much strength !!!

  10. Oh so sorry to read this Jacquie. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for a speedy recovery. Cute finish.


  11. I would like to kick that doctor in his ass. Some doctor he is. That just makes me boil. I hope you get better soon. I am praying for you. love the owl. big, big hugs Lynda Ruth

  12. Sorry to see this, Jacquie. Doctors can be jerks sometimes. Hoping this new treatment and the brace helps you. You are one strong woman!

  13. Oh how unfeeling of that doctor. I'm so happy you got the care you needed and honestly at this point I would not even give a second thought about you feeling awful about the doc coming to see you. Thank goodness you did go in. HE should of sent you right away. OKAY I'm done about him.
    YOU are remarkable and strong!!! Lovely stitching - thank goodness for our needleworks!
    Wishing you a fast recovery. love Annette

  14. Sorry you have had another turn, you can't seem to stay away from the hospital! It makes me so sad what the government are doing to our NHS, all the pressure on GPs is making them resent the patients and want to quit.
    Nice work on your little owl. How about a grey-blue fabric? I've stitched a few on Twilight Blue linen which is a favourite of mine.

  15. I don't think that Dr should be a Dr any more...not a nice person! Good to hear you did get to hospital and get some help, I hope the antibiotics help you quickly...lovely stitching you are managing to do though...keep at it!!

  16. I hate to hear you're feeling poorly again! Sending best wishes and prayers for a speedy and full recovery. And (((hugs)))

  17. I am so sorry to read you are still having problems because of the original knee troubles. Surely the hospital knows that at your age you deserve to have it fixed so that you can lead a normal life. There is some terrible disrespect going on somewhere and me thinks medical society needs a rark up. What a jerk that so called Dr. was. Would refuse to see him again. Jacquie, keep your chin up, you have a lot of friends on the blog and keep talking :-)

  18. I'm drooling for the book, I hope Amazon has it.


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