Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hello April......

Hello happy smiley friends.....

I wanted a nice picture for the top of my post today so Han very kindly agreed! And whilst talking of Han.... Thank you so much all of you that popped over to her Instagram page to see what she likes to draw :)

Welł goodness!! It's April!! Where on earth has the last 4 months gone??

This Friday I thought I would take part in joining everyone all over the world stitching! It's really quite exciting knowing people are enjoying making, sewing, quilting, crafting the same time as me.

And if your new to my blog, thank you for popping in to see me! 

So what have I been up to? 

As you all know... Ha ha or may not know if your new to my blog! 

I am currently stitching an amazing design... Have you forgotten?

Its the stunning Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791 sampler from the design studios of Hands Across The Sea Samplers designed by Nicola and Sandra.  As soon as I saw the design I knew I had to stitch it... Some of you that know me, know I am an impulsive person and if I really like something and it 'talks' to me saying stitch me, stitch me.... Then I just have to!!

Here is the design... Oh yes! It's rather large! The design size is 25 x 27 inches! 

It's not that clear so here is a photo of my chart booklet... 

Behind is the fabric I am stitching the design on, it's 36 count Edinburgh linen in sand. And for this design I thought I would be brave and try Silk threads!! Eeeeek!!

Here are the lovely AVAS silk threads, they are the ones recommended for the design.

After much thinking about how to store and use the silk threads I decided on this...

Storing them in little Floss -A-Way bags ....

And in each bag a piece of card with the key on, so I can see at a glance which one I need to use.

Now that I have had a chance using this system i think it's great! And silk threads are marvellous! I honestly thought I would not be able to get on with them... I thought they were hard to use, I thought I would snag and catch them on everything! But in reality they are so easy to use!! Oh, I will say one thing.... Don't make a mistake and try and unpick your stitches! Nope! A big no no! So I have to check and double check every stitch I make!! There was me thinking silk threads were only used by professional people... They are not so bad! And I am actually enjoying stitching with them! 

So I guess you want to see some stitching now?! Ha ha ... I starting this around 4 pm on Good Friday which was the 25 th March... So we are almost a week in now.

Here is my journey so far...

And that is where I am right now... I am hoping to finish this rather large motif over the weekend.  And then I have a dilemma, which direction shall I go? Maybe I shall ask your kind I put here? Up, down, left or right? If you would be so kind to leave a little comment saying the direction then I will add them all up and go in that direction!! How exciting!! It's out of my hands!! Ha ha 

Thank you so so much for popping in to see me, stitching crafting friends I shall continue with my stitching and post again an up date very soon :) I seriously hope your not all going to be sick of me posting about this gorgeous sampler? See I adore it and it has my 100 % attention right now!! 

Oooh something else rather interesting to share with you all quickly before I go... I have tried something new! And I like it!! What is is??

I tried it with a rye cracker... Ha ha just a little one! 

No I did not, could not! Eat all that! But so far it's ok! I am so happy I have a little variety in what I can eat now!  The cracker some may recognise?? It's from IKEA! Mmmmmmmm 

I leave you with a happy little drawing from Han... Ha ha she does make me laugh! Grumpy!! Ha ha 

Take care and remember to keep smiling :) 


  1. Lovely to see you back!! That sampler is coming along beautifully, you have made wonderful progress. I think you should go left next!! No particular reason just because!!! Love the grumpy jellyfish!! I can hear you and Han laughing over them from here! So good you have found something else to eat!! That is one huge cracker!!!

  2. Amazing progress on an amazing sampler. And that cheese looks so delicious!

  3. Wow you have made great progress on the really stitch fast. I love the drawings/doodles by Han. Good to know that you are able to find some foods which suit you.

  4. I would go down. It seems the bottom part is much more difficult that the rest. So if you finish the difficult part then the rest will finish more quickly!Why not unstitch with the silk threads?AriadnefromGreece!

  5. I love your idea of putting the symbol in with the threads, so simple and yet I bet it saves you tons of time! The sampler is looking great and I would go up and to the right, just because.
    Han is really talented, I enjoyed looking at her instagram page.

  6. Wowee - your organization system is awesome....and your progress astounds me!! You'll have this complete before May Day for sure!!!!!

  7. Your stitching looks excellent Jacquie. THAT is the biggest cracker I have ever seen in my life! I am glad you are finding a few more things edible to you. Your Han is like our Madeleine. She loves to draw and paint. All the time.

  8. You are getting a lot of stitching done. Good job!

  9. Ooooh, what a pretty chart you're stitching. And the colors! Love them. I've never seen a cracker like that! Was it as delicious as it looked? Han is a very talented artist, and I look forward to seeing more of her art!

  10. You are making good progress with this impressive sampler....

  11. Wow, that's a lot of progress. I'd go down too. That cracker is HUGE!

  12. Loved to see all the pictures of your progress as you stitched. I think you were able to complete a lot. It's going to be beautiful. I am so happy you are enjoying stitching with those threads.

  13. Loved to see all the pictures of your progress as you stitched. I think you were able to complete a lot. It's going to be beautiful. I am so happy you are enjoying stitching with those threads.

  14. Fabulous progress, this one is certainly growing quickly... its looking wonderful.

  15. Your stitching project is just beautiful!!! I love how you stored your AVAS silks w/an symbol in each pouch for the project. Great idea!!! I will have to try that!!!

  16. Lol grumpy jellyfish. Beautiful stitching I think you should go down! I'm glad you found something you like :)

  17. That really is a gorgeous project and you're coming along beautifully.

  18. The new sampler is looking wonderful. I vote Up but I'm probably too late!
    I love the idea of putting the large symbol into each bag. Of course you can simply change the piece of paper next project.

    ps we have only had three months this year, not four LOL


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