Thursday, 2 May 2013

A sad day...

Well after discussing things Han and I have come up with the conclusion that we can no longer afford to go to sessions by The Weight Loss Guys...

We are both really sad about this as we really loved going, loved the people and the exercise. But we have made cuts and jiggled things and just cannot find the money... so it has to go.  

Han and I are not giving up on our journey, we will do this, but it will have to be 'free' things. And yes we are back to square one again... no help and still wanting help.  OK yes we had help, we had to pay for that help... why does things cost so much?  Why can they not be means tested?  Now that would be good, we could get help then and not worry about if we can or cannot afford it.

I do feel terrible, terrible because I really loved going to The Weight Loss Guys.  But if your in my situation, living on carers allowance and your husbands DLA as your only income, its very hard.  We had to juggle things about to make that work... but realistically we 'found' the money because we wanted it so much.  We did not have the money spare to go, and now things have gone a little pear shaped as we cannot juggle anything else about as there is nothing else to juggle.  We have made cut backs, cancelled things and are watching what we spend... we still cannot find the money.

OK so some of you are probably wondering how we have a new car, how we go to theme parks...

So the new car is for Jon, and he uses his DLA to get the car... its needed to get him out as he is house bound.

The theme parks... we have annual cards my parents purchased for us, to get out more as a family.  Since Jon's accident there has been non of that, but now we have the car Jon can get out now.  Family time is precious and as with Jon, being in a wheelchair is bad enough so helping him to 'fit in' and still be a part of our family is key.

Its Han's 18th birthday on the 12th May... I will NOT cancel this for anyone... I would sell the whole contents of my home to make sure she had a birthday to remember.  And who is anyone to tell me otherwise!

I am an honest kind of person and I guess I have justified things here... but that is me, how can we do something if we cannot afford it?!  We have to make the best of what we have... and I am working on this...

And to be totally honest leaving The Weight Loss Guys I am finding very upsetting as I really loved it and they were there to help us...


  1. Sending you sympathetic vibes.
    J x

  2. So sorry! How about trying to found something yourself for others in the same position, now that you know the ropes?

  3. Han and I are going to be 'thinking' over the next few days...

    we know there must be other 'large' women in the same predicament as us, financially I mean. So maybe this is the time I step up and start a group?! Have to look into the ins and outs...

    It would be more of a moral support 'come on, we can do it' kind of group! And could meet others? And walk/jog on sea front? I dont know just thinking on the spot! But I would be up for that!!

    So I guess I will be looking into that! Some exercise is better that no exercise! And with still being ill I have to take it easy for a while longer. Walking is fine, I can do that!!

    OK..clawing back some positive vibes here! Trying to stay positive and its down to me now!! Watch this space!! :)

  4. Have you thought about exercise on prescription? Ask your gp. They give you six, weeks free I think it is. :-) x


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