Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bucket of dooooooooooo......

Or should that be bucket of doom?! Ha ha

Well hello wonderful friends... Seeing as I now have an enormous amount of time on my hands again I thought I would turn it into something positive.  Yes you read that right!! Being stuck in bed is soul destroying so thought I would cheer myself up and do something rewarding and positive. I pulled out my bucket of dooooo....yes do! Ha ha because it's full of things I need to do or finish! Yeah!! Go me!!

So here is what is in the bucket of doooooo....

This one takes me back years! I mean years!! I loved the colours in it, and to be honest there is only a small piece in the right corner to do! So this could potentially get finished! 

This was started oh so many years ago too... I love everything Egyptian, I find it all so fascinating.  A little black outlining to do at the bottom and then the huge border to do! Ha ha maybe that's why I put this one down?! Again it was the colour that drew me to this :)

This is one my mum found for me... She thought it cute and liked the herbs.  Me.... Hummmm maybe?! So I am sure one day this will be finished but not sure when! Ha ha

Awe.... I love this... The colours, the birds....everything.  It's part of a series I was doing, with six already completed. I do like this so. Maybe I will pick it up again?

I bet you were all wondering where this little gem went? This is so very me.... I love everything about it.. Again it's the border, not sure what it is about them? They just don't like me and lose my interest! But I love this design so much I will finish it!!

This is my newest addition to the bucket! I love this design, it's just so very the colours. I. Think once I start on the flowers it will be ok.  It's like stitching a design backwards, maybe if I had stitched the flowers first the lines inbetween may not of ever got done! The lines remind me of the borders!! So stitching it this way. I know I will enjoy it eventually! 

So that's what is in my bucket of doooo! I will plod along stitch here and there... Maybe I will choose one, finish that and then move into the next one? Good plan? 

Oooh well I must show you all what came in the post.... Naughty people!! 

Vickie from A Stitchers Story blog is ever so kind, a beautiful card and a tissue package....

LOOK!! This is what was in the tissue package! It's adorable, so very sweet and pretty, I love it.

I got jon to put it straight on the tree.... Thank you so so much Vickie :) xx

And look.... Inbetween Vickies sweet gift and June's white dove... Look!! A gift!! Another naughty elf out there!  This one goes by the name of Jo, from serendipitous stitching blog. Thank you so much Jo xx

And how beautiful is the Christmas card!! It's a needlelace design of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen... It's very pretty.

Thank you naughty elves... :)

And the design I was stitching.....
It's called Bee PinKeep from Littlehouse Country Cottage needleworks.... Found inside The Gift Of Stitching magazine issue 12 January 2007.

Here is my stitching journey...

And unfortunately this has joined the pile of finishing I need to do! When I can get to my sewing machine again! 

Thank you so much for popping in to see me :)
Big happy smiles to you all :)


  1. Oh Jacquie I am so sorry to hear you're confined to bed again. I am way behind on my blog reading. Love your bucket of dooooooo though! That blue Ribbon Designs Happy Place is wonderful. So many lovely projects to keep you busy.

    You received some gorgeous gifts. Stitching friends are truly the best.

    Beautiful bee piece. It made me remember I stitched it for a friend a few years ago.

  2. My dear I know that feeling lying on bed it's not easy ..I hope you get well soon.
    I love all your projects so much...and you received some great gifts to treasure..
    Big hugs Cucki xxx

  3. I also know that horrid feeling dear Jacquie. I am so sorry you are ending the year the way it begun for you!!!! RATS!
    I am glad my ornament cheered you a bit. And you have received gifts from others who care too. :) Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Love your bucket of dooooo.....I have a huge box of dooooo.....maybe next year!!! Some beatiful projects there waiting your attention. Enjoy your lovely gifts.

  5. Love your stitching! So many projects, so exciting. Happy finishing!)))

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon, but as you say good to make the most of time and enjoy your stitching :)

  7. The Bucket of Dooo sounds like a great bucket. I love the Ocean one and you are so close to the end of that one and the Happy Place! Hope you can empty the bucket a little while you are laid up and healing!

  8. Great bucket! I totally think you should do one project at a time until you finish :) I love the Egyptian piece it's so cool! Great gifts from all of your stitchy friends as well :)

  9. Haha, laughing at the bucket of doooooo! There are some epic projects in there. I do agree with you about borders, they are my weak point too. It's a good idea if you can stitch them first.
    Love Vickie's tag too.
    Glad my present arrived safely and that you like the card. No clues but you must read the writing on the present and you'll see why I had to buy it!


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