Thursday, 3 December 2015

All alone... Ha ha

Hello wonderful happy friends :)

Yes jon and I are all alone! Han is off galavanting !! Oh she and Caterina(Kevin) left when it was dark! Ha ha yes up and out at 7 am!! They caught the National Express coach/bus to London then changed buses there and got on a bus to Cardiff!! What a trek!! The bus had wifi so they both have been chatting to me the whole way! 

Photo.... Ha ha on bus!

Then they arrived and the first photo Han sent me was this....

I am so very jealous!! Seriously!! A schnell imbiss!?? Ha ha well some of you know I grew up and lived an awful lot of years in Germany... I love everything about the country, and the schnell imbiss! Take away/fast food to others! And mmmmmm bratwurst!! Omg!! So no doubt Han will send more photos of her 'sampling' the bratwurst! 

Are you all wondering why they have gone to cardiff?? Hee hee well they booked tickets months ago to see a band called Alt-J... Not Erm... My thing! They like it so decided to go! And yes they are staying overnight in a town centre hotel... On the 10th floor!! Eeeeek!! Han skyped me and showed me the view from the window...looks really pretty, so no doubt more photos to come! Hope they have a lovely time :)

And so... Jon and I are all alone! In a very very quiet house! It's awesome as we can watch what we like on TV!! Ha ha Han usually claims the TV to play play station! 

So wondering what I have been up to?? 
Well I am so happy!! Seriously happy as some of my happy packages have reached their destinations.. How awesome!! Still a lot more on their way!! This is so much fun! I am planning now what to do for next year!! 

Do these look familiar... 

It was a lot of fun to do.... And the fun continues because know one knows who has got one! Hee hee

I have been trying to stitch more of the wonderful Scarlet Letter, Mary Gail.

Here is where I left it...

I did think I would go along the bottom but decided to start the right side... Ha ha just like me! 

Not sure what is going on with this photo? You can see a blur of colour in the top right... If you squint maybe??!!

Maybe a little closer...

Ah yes!! There it is!! Yes I have done some leaves! The outline... This has taken me forever! My concentration level is none existent and I am just so slow right now.  But must not grumble as some progress is better than no progress! 

I tell you I am losing the plot!! Not sure if I showed you all the reverse side of my Mary Gail? I am super excited about this!! Probably the neatest one I have ever done!! Oh the reverse side does not usual get shown to anyone, but this whole project Mary Gail is my biggest challenge to date.. Not size wise, design wise! Stitching on 45 count linen!! 

I cannot really express on paper how much I am enjoying this design, it really is such a joy to stitch.. I will most certainly cry when I complete it! 

So what else has gone on...


Well I am not very well, I know you all know I have had the year from hell health wise.. Well on top of my knee, back, coccyx and lungs I now have to deal with low levels.  They took 2 lots of bloods off me and rare coming back next week to take more!! I call the blood people Dracula! Ha ha 

So yes... The results showed I have extremely low levels of... Iron, calcium, protein and vitamin D.  I am feeling exhausted with the slightest of movement and everything is taking longer to do.. Just so very tired.  The doctor gave me some iron liquid as I was having issues taking the tablets...

This stuff... Look at the colour! 

The box says chocolate mint! I think not!! And well I have taken one dose of it and it's not liking me so stopped taking it.  It's ok... The doctor came out to visit me today and is very aware of what is going on. 

The vitamin D tablets I have to take, x4 a day!  Well at least they are a pretty colour! 

Funnily enough they are the same ones Han has to take! Again after one dose of these my body does not like them either! A some point I think it was March time whilst in my local hospital I caught a horrendous bug that affected me really badly.  I was sick and really poorly... Put in another hospital as I would not go back there and they made me well enough to go home.  But since that episode my stomach has not been the same at all.  I lost almost 3 stone last time... And I am afraid to say I am heading the same way again.  See nothing is staying in, and I am just feeling so very poorly all the time.  Bland food is all I had been eating as my stomach just go could not handle it.  Thank goodness though, now the doctor har referred me back to the nice hospital to see some stomach specialists...ha ha I joke as its another waiting list I am on! I tell you it's a joke, all my current health issues are all from my knee being out of action! I was fine before that.

Talking of my knee... I went for my knee brace fitting, all went well and measured up fine.  There was one surprise though, I had to leave my shoe! So I went home with one shoe! It was rather funny, bless Han she did offer to loan me her boot! Yes we are the same size shoe so that helped! I let her keep her boot! So will hopefully hear about that in the new year... It's got to be specially made!!

One last happy ypthing to tell you all about!! Eeeeeeeek!! It's awesome!! Remember I told you all I was chosen on Lynette Andersons blog to win her new charm pack!?? 

Well it's arrived!! So quickly I might add!! And all the way from Austrailia :)

How pretty is this....

Close ups... I also won a pretty bag too....

Look at this pretty fabric...

Just a little selection.... It's adorable and I love it!! 

Eek look!!!

So very pretty... I LOVE IT!!!

And to decide what to make it into...nth inking, oh I have lots of inspiration as I have a few of Lynettes books! Watch this space as they say! 

Ok well I have taken enough of your precious time up! Thank you so much for popping in, always really lovely to read your comments, thank you :)

Big big happy smiles :) 


  1. love the fabric can't wait to see what you do with it. hugs get better soon

  2. Do you eat bratwurst still? I thought you had gone off all meat. My kids are crazy for them.
    Mary Gail is spectacular!

    1. Oh no not eating meat anymore! Bratwurst remind me of my childhood.... The smell of them cooking, mmmmm!!
      Thank you, loving every minute of Mary Gail :)

  3. Nice to see Han and Caterina off exploring!! Loving your the proud owner of one now!! Lol!! I hope the medical people can do something for your digestive system soon.....the colours in your tablets and liquid iron look very wonder they don't sit well with you. Your stitching is coming along well...looks amazing from the back. The Lynette Anderson fabric is great, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

  4. ohhh yes bratwursts yummmm ... hope they have a fab time ... gorgeous reverse side of stitching well done you for being sooo neat :) love my wee ornament .. sorry to hear the meds aren't happy with your body or should that be the other way round .... hope the new boot comes quick for you ... love mouse xxxxx

  5. I love the ornaments and stitching :). Your new charm pack is adorable congrats again! You should drink more milk :D. I'm sorry things are still going so poorly but glad things are moving along with your brace

  6. Lovely makes as always and what a lovely her fabric and books too.hope Hann has a fab time and that they can sort out what is happening with you

  7. Glad Han is having a good time with Kevin. And that you can get on the TV. Hubby had to watch the Grand Prix qualifiers on his iPad last week because the Small Boy refused to have the channel changed from cartoons!
    Love your new bag and the fabrics. For one moment I thought you were going to photograph every single piece LOL

  8. I can't believe how neat the back of your stitching is! The front looks pretty good as well ;-) I love your ornament production line photo too.
    Hope you can be sorted out soon!

  9. The felt ornaments were really something different for me and Your Sarlett Lettr sampler has a great progress. I hope you all the best !

  10. Jacquie, the back of your stitching is nearly as nice as the front, wow. The fabric lot you won is so sweet and I can't wait to see what you create, the little felt ornaments are just so sweet and as the recipient of a sweet little snowman I want to say thank you for your thoughtful kindness, I wish you well and hope for your recovery to be quick and thorough. Thank you so much for the snowman. I love it. have the Happiest Christmas.


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