Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas one and all.....

Today is Christmas Day..... Hello all :)

I hope your having a lovely Christmas full of smiles :)

Our home today has has many smiles in, Han had her friend Morgan and Caterina over... Then my parents popped in too! Our little home was very full!! 

There were much present swapping and laughing.... A happy day :)

I have to say a big big thank you firstly to Jo... I opened your gift and smiled! How lovely!! And yes i love it... Thank you xxx

It's a little house... With an awesome plaque...

And inside the house...

It's awesome!! I really love it... Thank you :)

Then the next naughty elf....

Yes just like the picture!! Ha ha 

Is Sue.... We managed to meet up when she came to England recently... Which was awesome! She went travelling more.. Germany, Russia to name a few! Then home she went! There was a note inside the gift she very kindly sent me... Whilst holidaying in Germany she saw the fabric! And then took it home and made me something! German sheep fabric!! How prefect! And yes! See see why you chose it sue!! Thank you so so much :)

Here is what sue very kindly made and sent me...

The cutest bag with two zipped bags..... I love them seriously I do!! 

I have been truly spoilt, Han bought me a rather interesting fun gift.... 

I use a hot water bottle regular on my knee... And the cover on it at the moment is a tatty old looking worn out zebra! So this once I have made it will be fun! 

Inside the bag...

Everything included even the thread!! Awesome!  Thank you Han, a well thought out happy gift :)

And sweet jon...  He got me a new bag too, see my other handbag had seen better days! So he treated me to a new one :)

It's got a spotty dog! And it's so fun... I love it! 

The inside is so much bigger than my last bag, the book inside is my huge Filofax! I am a write it down to remember everything kind of person! It literally goes everywhere with me.... Nothing to forget then!!

Jon also bought me some of the lovely perfume I like too.... 

Just because I feel happy when I wear it! :)

All year we asked Han what she wanted for Christmas and she just kept saying play station 4! Jon and I saved and saved and managed to buy her one... Let me tell you Han had no clue and when she opened it she cried! 

It was extra special as we bought her the special edition Star Wars one... With the picture on the console... 

Ha ha I am so rubbish at photos... I took a picture but it naturally round the wrong way!! Ha ha 

It's so cool.... The light changes colour, red and then white.... 

Han has played none stop with her friends on it... Ha ha it took over 4. Hours to load the games on! But she is happy... So job done!  :)

Christmas dinner was a no go thing in our home! Ha ha no... No turkey, no Brussel sprouts, no roast potatoes.... Nothing!! No Christmas pudding either!!  So are you all wondering what we ate?? Ha ha well we opted more for a casual approach this year! We had Christmas party food nibbles! Lol everyone except me ate Christmas tree nuggets with bbq sauce! Sausage mini rolls... Chicken dumplings, tex mex nibbles and other random bits too! I tried some mini vegetable spring rolls.. They were ok.  And if anyone is still hungry there is a selection of pizzas!! Yes we are all for alternative things in this home! 

Well must dash.... I have some Christmas TV to watch! 

Sending .....

And smiles to you all.... :)

We are off around my parents home for Boxing Day... They have made a buffet and plan a games day for a fun day.  

So until I next pop in.... Take care and merry Christmas :) 



  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas my friend! You have managed to stay out of hospital! Yay!
    Jacob and Emerson bought themselves that very thing. Playstation 4. It is Battlefront all the time around here. ;)

  3. So nice to read you had a happy day with lots of smiles!!! Your presents look awesome!!! I thought the sheepy bags would have special meaning for you. Enjoy Boxing Day and have loads of fun.

  4. Merry Christmas my hubby loves his new ps4 I got him last year. Our dinner consists of pizza rolls, stuffed mushrooms and jalapeƱos, chips and dip, and quiches.

  5. Happy Holidays, Lovely gifts from family and friends hugs.

  6. Lovely gifts from family and friends
    Merry Christmas dear friend
    Hugs x

  7. Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Your gifts are all lovely - how thoughtful of Han to choose the hot water bottle DIY cover!

  8. Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad, you deserve it:)
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

  9. glad to see you had a great Christmas, love all the goodies. enjoy your boxing day and big hugs to you all.

  10. Lovely gifts opened at your home.
    Hope your Boxing Day was a nice day too.

  11. Hope you Christmas was a happy one, lovely gifts, wishing you a wonderful new year

  12. Your Christmas sounds wonderful, full of love!
    I'm so pleased you like the little present. They are beach huts which is not very seasonal but when I saw the message on the front I KNEW it was perfect for you.

  13. What a wonderful, happy Christmas, Jacquie. Lovely gifts - and surrounded by loved ones. Perfect.


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