Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nothing to do but stitch!

Well hello there!! 
Lovely that you have popped in to see me! ..... Thank you :)

I have had a funny few days since my last post, well when I say funny I don't actually me ha ha funny! Ok...odd is a better word!! 

As you all know Han and Caterina went to Cardiff to watch Alt-J and stayed over.... That was fine they enjoyed the concert and the hotel.  Omg! The next day, the day they had to travel back was Erm..... Interesting! Ha ha 

I was in bed, as in the afternoon I was feeling a little poorly... Han phoned to say the bus, the bus they were getting back to London had driven straight passed them!!! Eeeeeeeeek!! Well I was in a right flap! Han poor Han was in a right state too... Caterina had to calm Han down as she was having panic attacks.  Not because she was stranded, no... Because something happened that was not on the plan of events! Cutting a long story short... They both managed to get a train to London.  They managed to beat the bus they should of been on back!! Ha ha not funny, should not laugh!  Hmm so they then boarded the bus and mad it back home here just around midnight! A long long day!  Han and Caterina said when they go somewhere again they will have a back up plan...just in case! 

Some photos of their epic time away...

The concert...

The hotel breakfast trolly! As you do!

And the amazing breakfast, so I am told! They literally tried everything on the menu! Ha ha got to giggle!

And omg! The taxi queue when they made it back to our town...

All fun and games! Pleased they got back safe :)

So well.... I am not doing so good, my stomach is playing up.... Eating and holding in food is a challenge again. I have lost weight without even trying! 

As you all know I am lacking major nutrients, calcium, proteins, vitamin D and iron..can't hold the medicines in so my priority is to eat!! Eat whatever I can get in!! And hope it stays! 

I love vegetables... So thought sprouts would be good?? Mmm oh I know some will look at this and cringe! But they are really good for you! 

I managed a few...

And as I am layer up again I am stitching more than ever.. It's keeping me sane! 

The wonderful Scarlet Letter, Mary Gail design is moving along nicely :). I would update the bar at the top but have not figured out how to do it on my iPad! Technology! 

So this is where I was...

Then stitched the outline of the leaves...

Then just carried on...

This is where I am right now....

And the back..

I simply adore the back...I cannot get over how much it looks like the front! Hmm well duh! No but do you know what I mean? This whole project I am awfully proud of :)

So that is that! Ha ha

Thank you again for popping in and leaving a comment, I love reading them and thank you for keeping me sane! 

I see a lot of you have received my happy envelopes... Still a few more to reach their destinations... Oh this is so much fun!! 

Big smiles :) 


  1. Sorry to hear your stomach is playing up Jacquie....enjoy those sprouts!!! I roasted some recently with finely chopped bacon (no good for you I know!!), lemon zest and a dash of apple cider vinegar...yum!! Good to hear Han and Catorina got home safely..is scary when your plans get rearranged!! Your stitching ic coming along beautifully!! Take care.

  2. Sorry you are not feeling well again.. Sprouts - yum! Love them in every way. :)
    The project is growing and looks fantastic! The back is awesome - but from the back the lady and the gentleman look angry, while on the front they look... puzzled? ))) Glad to hear Han got back safely. All the best!

  3. Jacquie, girls have interesting traveling :-)
    I also I like vegetables, sprouts should I put to you :-)
    Scarlet Letter continues great!
    I wish a lot of health and greet you!

  4. Mary Gail is so very gorgeous! I am not sure you got my email saying thank you for the Christmas Pudding ornament? I think you did! I may just be forgetting. ha!

  5. I had sprout pizza this weekend! I love sprouts.
    You're making great progress on Mary Gail.

  6. I love sprouts but they're not something I would think too eat on an upset stomach lol. Have you tried cooked spinach? Not as strong of a taste and it's more soupy it may work for you. My go to when I'm sick is ice cream lol. I know you're not the same kind of sick but you never know!

    I'm glad Han made it back safe! We had something similar happen to us in Norway lol we went way past our stop because we couldn't understand the language and didn't realize it wasn't a shuttle with preset stops-we were supposed to pull the cord! Ah buses lol I hate public transportation it confuses the hell out of me.

    I hope you get to feeling better!

  7. So happy the girls got home safe and had a fun show.
    Your stitching looks great.
    Hope you feel a little better today hugs.

  8. Mary Gail is looking splendid
    What an adventure for the girls
    Hope today is a better day for you x

  9. I'm glad Han made it home safe and sound eventually!
    Mary Gail is looking awesome, the flowers are particularly stunning.

  10. The back does look like the front! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Gloria

  11. Mary Gail is fabulous here! I like the back as well, Jacquie. It's very well done. I would say it rather looks like a printed version, but I know that it's a hand work, and I'm sure a hard one.
    Molly Games

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