Thursday, 10 December 2015

Poor jon....

Omg!! Where do I start....'s starting to look like Christmas here in our home?? Kind of...

Yes a little snippet of our tree....

I was not going to bother this year with a tree, Han persuaded me to put it up! Well... I did not put it up, Han did with me supervising! Ha ha this year as you all know has been a total nightmare, so I am not really feeling festive.. 

Here is our little tree...

Nope!! Sorry I am useless at photos!!

Maybe this one...

Ha ha that's hans arm! She was sampling chocolates! These chocolates...

Naughty! Han dislikes Cadbury chocolate so sampled the nestle quality street... And disliked them too! Lol Han giving me the chocolate after she has tKen a note from it!! Ha ha 

It's ok though as jon loves chocolate!! Hmm poor jon... Let me tell you all what's gone on..

Well on Tuesday we had a shopping delivery and jon realised he had not ordered coffee...he loves his coffee! So jon being jon said he would go and get some! Well this statement shocked me!! See jon has not gone out by himself in over 5 years, since before his accident.  He is now a wheelchair user and is not that good at self propelling either.  But he made his mind up and said he was getting coffee and would see me later!! I could not do anything... See the last few days I have been in so much pain, just moving about is terrible, so I said ok see you in a bit! 

I was thinking he would get to maybe the top of the road and turn around and come home as he does not have the strength to move himself about much.  Not only that, jon does not know the area we live in and knows no one too.  And he did not take my phone with him... Hmm

Well Han and I started to get worried after a few hours...he left the house at 10.45 am and we watched the hours tick by... 4, 5, 6, 7... I rang my parents and told them.  By this time I was in a right state... My parents jumped in their car and started to search the street.  It was dark, cold and raining.  

My parents came back to my home, no sign of jon.... So my mum told me to call the police.  I called the police and logged a missing persons report.  The police were ever so nice, asked me loads of questions and Han emailed them photos of jon.  The time was almost 9pm now and the police assured me they were dealing with it as a priority.  Then around 11 pm there was a knock at the door, the inspector of our area come to talk to me, he said he had every available officer out looking for jon and had circulated his photo everywhere...even to ambulance crews. He said they would check in every 2 hours... I had to wait.  I was so upset, it's such a worrying time, I had no clue where jon could be or where he could of gone? 

Then around 1 am the police informed me that they were getting the helichopter as they would be able to see heat sources in the dark.  It's an awful feeling not knowing where he was... I was hopeful the helicopter may find him. Then a knock on the door... The inspector said a man in a wheelchair had been spotted by an ambulance crew... Whilst he was in my home we heard on his radio that it was jon and he had been taken to hospital.

PHEW!!! Found and now in good hands.

I was in no state to drive and could not with all the pain I was in... So my parents rushed down the hospital.  At around 3 am they called me to say jon was being treated for hypothermia and exhaustion... They stayed there with him until 6 am when he was admitted to the emergency ward... And this evening is Thursday and jon is still in hospital.  My parents went to see him today and he is in good spirits, eating ... And recovering well... So fingers crossed he will be discharged tomorrow.

I don't know if any of you have been in a situation like this,,.. Let me tell you it's just awful, I think I must of developed at least half a head of grey/silver hair now from worry! I am just thankful he is ok and recovering.

All praise to jon wanting to go out... But I think I will insist he takes a phone with him next time! And I don't know yet whether he got the coffee or not? 

As you can appreciate I have done no stitching.... 

But I did open mail!!!......

Let me show you what arrived in the post... Han put it at the top of our Christmas tree... A beautiful angel... From Gaynor (stitchers anon designs) how lovely.... We adore it, thank you :)

Let's hope that is all we go through this year!! Our family never has a dull moment! 

Thank you for popping in.. 

Big smiles to you all :)


  1. OMG what is going to happen next, I would not let him out of the house again. You poor dear must have been out of your mind with worry. Glad he is okay and will be home soon. love to all of you. hugs

  2. What a harrowing experience! Glad to learn that Jon is OK. No more solo coffee trips for him! (haha)

  3. It certainly hasn't been dull I'm glad he was safe. I've been through something similar so I know how stressful that was. Just a note, Amazon has one hour delivery in some places and they have coffee ;) Your tree looks great!

  4. Oh goodness, thank goodness he was found ...what a year honey, thinking of you and hope Jon is home really quickly.xx

  5. Jacquie, we are so grateful to read that Jon was found and is now safe. What an agonizing day that must have been for you. We hope that he will soon be home with you.
    Your tree with the angel looks so pretty ! Enjoy it, and have a very Merry ( and safe) Christmas. ((Hugs)) from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  6. Oh dear Jacquie, what a nightmare , thank goodness they found him .
    Sending big hugs.

  7. Sending good thoughts that Jon will soon be back home.

  8. Un Be Lieveable! I had to read that twice!! Oh Jon. Thank God he is alright now.
    Your angel is so lovely.

  9. Oh Jacquie, I can't kmagine what you had to go through....such a frightening time!!! But so good to hear Jon is ok and healing in hospital..must have been frightening for him as well. Your Christmas tree looks lovely!! Look after yourselves!!

  10. What a terrible time you've had - hope everything is OK and back to normal again soon.
    Your tree looks lovely and that angel is the perfect finishing touch. Gorgeous!

  11. What a terrible time for you! I'm so pleased the police were so supportive and helpful too. I'm just grateful he was found, I'm sure he will have a tale to tell when he gets home.
    Your tree is lovely and the Angel is the perfect finishing touch.

  12. What a dreadful experience for you all

  13. OMg what a worry with pleased he is ok.........
    I received a beautiful little ornament here.......thankyou so much......


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