Saturday, 12 December 2015

Good news...

Hello wonderful friends, thank you all so so much for your lovely comments wishing jon well... I am pleased to say jon has now been discharged from hospital as is home :). He is a little embarrassed that he got lost and caused a lot of worry and bother.  Just pleased he is home :) 

So as you all know Han and I put our Christmas tree up...

We added a few more wonderful things to it... They arrived in the post! 

Can you see them?

Maybe a little closer...

This adorable dove was sent to me inside a lovely Christmas card from sweet June, from butterflywings blog :). Is so pretty, thank you so much June, I put it straight on my tree :)

Then this ....

Well there is actually a few things this lovely person sent! This adorable little elf pillow which naturally got put on the tree! Also two candy canes and two small crackers! All went on the tree! And thank you Maria from dottysdaughter blog :)

Not forgetting already received the stunning angel that sits at the top of our tree... From Gaynor (stitchers anon designs). It's very special, thank you :)

I am so very lucky to have such wonderful friends :)

Just a quick post to express my thanks... 

Off to stitch more....

Smiles with Christmas cheer to you all :)



  1. So glad to know Jon is home and safe and well now. I am sorry he never did get that coffee!

  2. So good to hear Jon is home and safe...tell him not to be embarrassed I get lost all the time!! Beautiful tree you have nice to receive gifts from blogging friends!! :-)

  3. Good news Jon I home safely.
    Your trees looking lovely, nice gifts that you were sent.

  4. Your tree looks beautiful. Glad to hear Jon is home safe and sound.

  5. Praise the Lord that Jon was found. He must have been so frightened when he couldn't get home on his own.

  6. Congrats they're adorable :). I had never heard of frackers until I read Harry Potter lol they look fun :)

  7. So glad to hear Jon is home safe and sound. And such wonderful gifts from your stitching friends!!

  8. I hope Jon is recovering from his ordeal. Your tree looks lovely, especially with the hand made ornies from special friends.


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