Monday, 23 November 2015

Your all wonderful...

Hello wonderful happy smiley friends..... Sorry I have not been around much, I have not been feeling so good.  Thought I would drop in and cheer myself up by telling you all my news.....

A little while ago I entered a competition on Lynette Andersons designs blog page, never thought for one minute I would be chosen! HERE is the blog page for you to go see all the details as I don't want to get in trouble by copying her photos! So YES!!! I am VERY VERY excited about winning :) ooooooh seriously excited!! I love all Lynettes designs and her fabric is so pretty... Eeeeek!! First I heard of it was when I saw an email ..... Eeeek!! I will happily show you all what I was lucky enough to receive when it arrives...OMG! It's coming all the way from Australia!

That is a nice piece of happy news :)

Welł.... Me.... Hmmmm not so happy things going on here I am afraid :(  

It seems no matter how hard I try to get better nothing is working, I am not ready to quit yet though! I have been feeling rather sick and so tired... On top of all the usual lower back/coccyx and knee pain!  My doctor sent out a nurse to take bloods off me last week and this morning they came again to take more blood! Appears on top of anaemia I now have vitamin d deficiency.... I am waiting for the doctor to call and explain all the blood results to me on Thursday.  I hope nothing else was picked up, I mean I already have a lot to deal with!! I will let you know when I do lol

As for my knee... Ha ha I had an appointment then it was cancelled and now I have to wait again! My doctor said these things happen!! It's ok I have only been waiting all year to see a knee specialist! What's a bit more time! Ha ha on the doctor front though I am going to see a skeletal specialist... For the pain in my lower back/coccyx...that is the 2 nd December! Not long now! Let's hope that one does not get cancelled!?

Right enough chat as I think this post is lacking colour! Here is something I made a few days ago for my mum, to put on her table with some Christmas treats on... I call it Santa scrappy mat! 

It's by no means perfect... Ha ha that is why it's a scrappy mat! And it's actually the first time I have tried quilting.  I hand stitched all the squares together first then when assembled it machine stitched the lines through.  I like the way my applique is not perfect too... It's ok as my mum likes it!

What else have I been up to...

As your all probably aware, I posted a little gift to Vickie at A Stitchers Story... Just realised I had not shown you all!! 

This is how it all started....

Then I had to decide what fabric to use....
Pink yes... But I was not sure..

So opted for something a little more Christmassy.....

I made the poodle designs, in a close a colour to all three sweeties.. Appliqued it on the fabric then attempted to make a little bag! For the doggy goodies..

Filled up ready to post...

I was thrilled to read that all three poodles approved the contents! 
Borrowed photo from vickies blog :)

Another one borrowed from vickies blog...

Wonderful!!! I also included a little gift for Vickie too... She liked my pansy needle minder so much I sent it to her! 

Oooooooh yes!! Some more exciting news for you all, Wednesday I will be going out!! Ha ha I know it's awesome news! Ha ha I will be using a scooter down town and visiting the post office! Eeeeek! I have a lot, an awful lot of 'goodies' to post!! 25 things in total! I have been waiting so long to do this and I am so excited that I managed to do it! Watch your post boxes! More on this later!!

Well got to go.... Oh yes, I need to find my stitching glasses, put them somewhere? This is why I have not been doing any cross stitch! I need them to see!!!! I will get Han to have a look! 

Smiles and happy smiles to you all :) 


  1. ohhh eck re the cancelled appointment ... so glad you have another one soon for the other problems ... vit d deficiency ... need more sunlight and humungus tablets once a week ... dd has it
    loved the gifties for the poodles and vickie of course and love the wee mat for your mum ... glad you are getting out and hope you find your glasses soon ... love mouse xxxxx

  2. Congrats on winning! And great job on your sewing I adore the Santa mat. I hope you get to feeling better :)

  3. Congratulations on your win and well done on the Santa mat, it looks great! Sorry to hear your health problems continue. Hope you can keep smiling!

  4. OH no ... what a shame your appointment got cancelled. Hope they reschedule real quick for you. Not long till Dec 1st though, less than a week till you get some news with that one.
    I have Vit D deficiency, one tablet a day and get as much sunshine on you as you can - not practical in this country in the winter though! There are a couple of things you eat that have it, oily fish and egg yolk.
    Perfect gift for Vickie and such a fine looking santa.

  5. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I hope you're back on track soon:)
    Congrats on your well-deserved win!

  6. What a fun win! A sweet creation for you dear Mum. I am impressed you are using your sewing machine quite a bit. Your gifts to the poodles and I are well loved. :) They are still working their way through the many treats daily! I hope you found your glasses by now!

  7. Oh honey hope you feel better soon, so many things about , obviously long term problems don't help either. Lovely thoughts being sent your way... what a pair we are ha ha.xx

  8. Santa is so sweet and the poodles are adorable. You've got the colours just right too. They certainly seemed to enjoy their treats you sent them.

    Sorry to hear about the cancelled appointments but I hope you enjoy your zoom around town in the scooter!

  9. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Jacquie...hope this Dr appt goes ahead for December...hope the other one is rescheduled soon. Love the scrappy santa mat, you did a great job!! The poodle bag is wonderful too, good to see it was approved!!! Vitamin D deficiency is diagnosed a lot here too...strange in Aus where people get so much more sun. Hope you enjoy your trip out. .look after yourself. Xx


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