Wednesday, 25 November 2015

All gone!!


I am so excited!!

Jon sorted them into UK, and international... And other destinations!

All my packages have gone!! I had a bag full...

Jon thought about £50 to post them all!! That was worst case scenario.... It's ok I did not have heart failure in the post office! It came in just under Jon's estimate! 

I know it's a lot of money, but this is something I have been wanting to do ever since starting up blogging... 

Now you can appreciate I cannot send packages out to everyone that follows my blog, I would I've to, but budget really does not allow me :(. So don't be sad if you have not received one of my happy packages... There is always next time! 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You for sticking with me through all my tough times this year.  Blogging and all you commenting on my blog has kept me going!  I have met some really lovely kind hearted people I now call friends.... Thank you :)

I know too much mush!! Ha ha 

Saying that those of you that will receive one of my packages, I hope (fingers crossed) that you like it!!?? Eeeeeek!! And by posting now I am hoping even the international packages get there on time? We shall see!! 

Yes!! Please let me know when you recieve one... I can cross it off the list! 

Something else exciting to share with you all....eeeeeeeeek!!
I have been so excited about this!! 

Well last month I was the lucky person chosen to win the monthly giveaway for FNSI... hosted by Wendy.. I am sure some of you join in too.

I think it's an awesome thing to do, as you get to stitch with other crafters/Stitchers all over the world at the same time!! Cool!! I have taken part for a while now, obviously when my health is ok to! 

Wendy hosts it from sugarlane designs... And the month I was chosen this was the gift!! Wow!! And it came all the way from Australia!! 

How cute is this,..

Thank you so much Wendy, I love taking part and this kit is adorable :).... I will wait a little while to do it as I put a light box on my Christmas list from jon! Fingers crossed!! 

Ok.... Must go, feeling slightly squiffy (not drunk! Light headed) so going to lie down...

I have some AWESOME news to tell you all in my next post... It's so exciting I am in shock about it!! Can't tell you all yet though! Sssshh.... Next post ok!!

Oh yes! I have found my glasses!! On with the stitching! Ha ha

Big smiles to you all :) xxxx


  1. That is certainly a bag full of loveliness for your friends to receive, cant wait to see what you've sent to them all.

  2. hope everyone likes the goodies you sent. congrats for winning the FNSI, hugs

  3. You and Jon, two elves loose in town, hey? ;)
    I am sorry you are not feeling so well. Hope that passes quickly.
    You rascal! I want to know your awesome news!! Post soon!

  4. So generous of you to send goodies to friends all over the world.
    Congratulations on the win - and on finding your glasses! Can't wait to read your good news...
    Happy everything!

  5. You have spread lots of happy smiles Jacquie, well done. Congratualtions on the win, lovely stitchery you received. Good to hear you found your can you leave us hanging at the end like that???????

  6. What a bubbly post! Sounds like you are very happy today...wonderful. Looking to your next post....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day

  7. Nice win! I wouldn't mind a light box myself! I would stitch with FNSI if I could just remember to. Just too much going on here. I wear prescription glasses, have been since I was 6, and those I'm always losing! Oooh, a mystery announcement! Keep smiling:)

  8. Wow I didn't realize you had that much post! Congrats on winning that looks totally your style :)

  9. Congratulations on your win! It must have taken you a long time to make all those gifts. I hope they all reach their destinations safely and we get to see what was inside!

  10. Jacquie: I am so glad you are doing better, sometimes health takes a while to figure out, I am so sorry I have not commented often, we do not have a good connection here where I live for the computer, the internet company is awful, they have been to my home 12 times this year so far more at other homes, yuck.
    On to better things, nice win that is an adorable pattern you won.
    Jon is such a sweetheart and yes postage everywhere is just horrible, but if it needs mailing we all have to pay.

    I hope you are all well and I am curious about your news.


  11. Most of my spare cash seems to go on postage too! It is nice to make people happy and your little gifts are amazing. There will be some very fragrant trees this year!


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