Thursday, 5 November 2015

Time to pay it forward....

hello wonderful friends I have something truely wonderful to share with you all....

A while...hmmm a long while ago... Sorry would of organised and done this sooner but my poor health got in the way.  As I am feeling much better I think it's time to do this.

Like I say a while ago I joined in of a pay in on a pay it forward event, how cool!! And I received an awesome handmade gift, from Cheryll... From Hibiscus Stitches blog.  It's lovely, as you can see from the photo!

So it's my turn now!! To pay it forward.... I would like to make someone something special, handmade by me.

Here are the rules (sorry got to be some at some point!)

My pledge is to:
1. Make a little handmade something for one person who opts in. International are welcome.
2. I will choose one person with the help of Random Number Generator; you need to be a Follower of my blog.
3. It will be a surprise & will arrive when you least expect it. You will give me your postal details after you are chosen, then I will have fun leaving you to wait be surprised!
4. I must make & send my item to you within 365 days. *lol sooner probably!*

To get a handmade gift from me you have to play too!
1. If you put your name forward to receive from me, you pledge to make & send to one or up to three of your own readers.
2. It doesn't have to be 'quilty' but it must be handmade.
3. You must have a blog. If it's reasonably up-to-date, it helps the person making for you to get a feel for what you might like to receive.
4. Once you have received your mail from me, you must post about Pay It Forward on your blog & keep the fun going.

Please only put your name up if you can commit to full participation to Pay It Forward.

Please clearly state in the comments you would like to join in in the Pay It Forward event :) 

I will let you know on my next post update who has been chosen :) 

Talking of hand made things.... I have been busy as you know, I have sent out some happy post to some people recently.  And ooooh I can show you one of them now as they have received it! 

Gaynor over at Stitchers Anon is a lovely lady and does so much for others.... I thought I would send her a smile in the post, you know just to say I appreciate everything she does as she is a kind hearted person.

Here is what I sent her....

It's an AAN (Alesandra Adelaide design)...

Front ....


Blanket stitching all by hand...

One of my handmade heart buttons...

I was thrilled with how it came out, I spent a lot of time making and stitching this, and am thrilled to say Gaynor loved it!   The hope was that she may hang it where she does crafts and look at it and smile now and then? That's what I thought anyway! 

Oooh yes!! I have been busy with Stitchers Anon designs! I have also finished the Primitive Hearts designed by her too! 

Here is the journey...

All stitched ready for finishing...



Mixture of front and back...

All finished and ready for a tree? Oooh but which

I also sent out another happy parcel, but that has not arrived yet, soon.... Lol I know as its being tracked!! Hee hee

Lol here is a clue from it! More of this soon!! 

One last thing before I go...

I want to wish Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs good luck as she and Team Twinkle Toes are doing their charity walk this weekend :)
Belinda is another amazing kind hearted person who does so much for others too.... So this shout out is for you Belinda GO YOU!! and Team Twinkle Toes...

Until my next up date.... Smiles to you all... Xxx


  1. Everything looks great! Good luck ladies! I would not like to be entered although it sounds great. No more commitments from me until I finish my dang gift lol

  2. Your finishing is beautiful! Well done. I especially love the heart you made for Gaynor. It looks perfect and the blanket stitch really sets it off.

  3. Your creations are always so nice.

  4. Please do not include me for the PIF event, as I see what colors you are showing in your clues!!!!!!!!! SQUEE! I don't get it yet, but I am following tracking also!! ;) C'mon postal system!! Hurry up! tee hee!
    The heart you made for Gaynor is just gorgeous! Love it! What fine finishing you have done.

  5. I won't enter because I have already recieved... I LOVE my is sitting with another heart made by a fb/blogging friend xxxxx Your finishes are exquisite!

  6. Hello dear Jacquie, it has been a while since my last visit... I've been stitching like crazy, I even abandoned my own blog for almost a month. I'm so glad to learn that you are feeling better. Your stitching is lovely as always. Hugs.

  7. That heart is awesome! Your stitching around the edge is so neat and even.
    The four heart decoration are lovely too. There's a lot of love and hearts in this post!

  8. Super gift for Gaynor and your version of her charts look fabulous, well done.


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