Saturday, 7 November 2015

Never mind...

Hello happy happy friends...

I tried and failed :(
What at your wondering? Pay It Forward! Maybe I will keep trying? Maybe in a few months time? I feel terrible as I said I would join in.  Jon tried to make me feel better by saying everyone must be busy with other things... Yes this must be the case! It's ok.. 

So today I wound myself up so much I really upset myself... Over what your wondering? Welł you all know I sent out another happy package... I had notification from the international tracking that it was being sent back to me! I then checked the address and OMG! It was my fault! I had left a number off the address! Not the postal code.... The house number! 

Oh my!! Jon tried all sorts to contact the postal service to advise them, but we were told it had already left on its return journey to England! NO!!! Arrrggfhhhhhh!!! So I mailed the person who it was going to.... Explained what I had done and said I was so sorry. That was earlier today... I sulked, oh yes I did! Sulked and moaned about it to jon... How silly I was to of missed a number off.  

Opened my emails this evening and..... Yipppeeeeee!! Some how, not sure how but it was delivered!! Eeeeekkk!! I instantly perked up and my smile returned! I will not show you photos! I know I am a tease! I will let the parcel receiver do that! Awesome!! 

So I am happy again! Lol

I have been doing some more making... Not sure why just felt I wanted to! 

Jon bought this book for me last year! Thought I would make something out of it! Lol

It's a really lovely book with lots of wonderful projects inside... Hmm some quite hard looking and some even harder! Lol

The design I chose is hard lol! I fell at the first hurdle where it said enlarge templates to 200%! Nope! Took me forever to work that out on the printer! 

So this is what I wanted to make... Nice picture in the book! But could whatever I make look anything like that? Hmmmmm

I have to sati am really useless at following and reading and understanding written instructions! I naturally had jon to help me, but I was confusing jon in the end! 

Here is what mine turned out like...

Yes I changed a few things... To me style! Lol this has literally taken me all day to make! It is quilted and I filled the instructions!! Go me!! Hee hee

What the inside should look like...

The pink pocket was the most difficult thing for me to get my head around! Lined and elastic! Hmm

It kind of looks like the one in the book!!   I really had fun making this, kind of sad now as its finished! Need to get back to some cross stitch now! 

Must show you all this treat I had last night! Mmmm never thought I would like it, but oh! Really yummy!! 

Lol yes it's resting on my knee... I was in bed!! It was my good knee! 

Oooh yes!! Some really good news to share with you all.... Next Wednesday (11th November) my wheelchair is being delivered!!! I am so happy!! It means I will be able to get out a little more often... Yipppeee!! And I also now have an appointment with the knee specialist!! 22 nd December!! Oooh great right! People,  well ok Han... She tells me things come in threes?! Really? Wonder what other news I will get? That's good?? Have to wait and see! I will let you know! 

Ok so I am going now... It's just after 1 am and I need to drink my tea! Ha ha I don't like tea, but actually found one I like the tast of! It's Twinings and tastes nice :)

Ok so until my next post... Smiles to you all :) 


  1. Good news about the knee specialist! Hoping he/she has some good news for you. I think there are so many SALs and what not that everyone's attention is so stretched thin, myself included. Your house project is so cute! Good job on it! Congrats on the new wheels! Try not to do wheelies or burn rubber;) Try your PIF again in the new year. Things will have settled down. Take care Jacquie.

  2. Great news re the chair and knee..yippeeee. Great needle case. Mandy's books are is your needle case. Maybe re the parcel forward could put me down and maybe re post in the New Year when everyone has Christmas done and dusted. Take care honey xxxx

    1. Oh I was not finishing for someone! Your so sweet! I will wait and post it again in the new year, I totally understand people have other commitments. :)

  3. I think you did a fine job of making the "house". Glad to hear about your wheelchair....

  4. I always love dropping in to see what you're working on. So glad the package was indeed delivered, and I've had the same thing happen to me. After putting in so many hours and love into a gift and then to find out that it didn't arrive is heart breaking. Fortunately it was returned to me and I used a different address for the recipient to pick it up. It's frightening though to think that the gift is out there in a big wide world and no one knows where.

  5. Yay me! I am sorry you were so worried for many hours Jacquie. And you paid all that money to have it tracked and they did not even enter the correct info on the site! Our mail carriers always try to deliver at least twice. And then they leave a note on your door if that does not work. It tells you it is being held at the Post Office.
    The Cottage Needle Case is darling.
    I have not had that flavor of Ben & Jerry's. I will look for it. I have been eating a local brand of pumpkin ice cream. I love it! Love pumpkin anything really.

  6. Ooo looks great! Congrats about the knee and wheelchair!

  7. I tried to email you but it was returned twice. I mailed off your pattern around Oct 14th I think... still may be on its way...fingers crossed xx.
    Will send another if it doesn't arrive. Keep me posted if it DOESN'T arrive.
    Hugs Cheryll xox

  8. Your house is adorable! I can't do a lot with written instructions either; I salute your perseverance!

  9. Lovely house you made!! So good tomhear you have an appt for yiur knee and a wheel chair is happening for!!! Finally!!! Very happy for good the parcel travelled ok.

  10. It looks lovely. I think you sell your talents short. I also think I will get a copy of that book for myself!

  11. What a sweet little house, such a clever idea but it looks fiddly to put together.
    I hope you have fun once the wheelchair gets here, it will be nice to get out in the fresh air more often.

  12. Great news about your wheelchair and the knee specialist.
    Love your felted house, that is so adorable, you are clever.


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