Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gosh time flies!

Lol I thought that so funny.... And rather true in my case! Ha ha aaaa
Hello wonderful smiley happy friends :)

So it has been a little while since I posted.... Erm.... Sorry :(

What on earth have I been up to? Are you curious? Hee hee 
I have been rather rather busy! I have been preparing 24, yes 24 envelopes to go out! And it's been a lot of fun doing it ..... You ALL will have to wait and see what they are!! Ha ha 

I was looking through some old Christmas photos and argh... (Nice argh!) I found a cute one of Han! Ha ha she will probably kill me for posting the photo but it's rather cute! And actually inspired me to make something!! 


How adorable does she look! And OH MY! How she has changed! Lol all grown up now!

And ..... So yes I was inspired by this....

SANTA!! Naturally! Well it's almost Christmas!

Look what I made! 

And a ribbon too... Nope!! Can't make a them! Han very kindly made this and many many more! Hee hee

I used gold thread for the outside... What a nightmare too! 
The back...

As this was the prototype (lol) I gave it to my mum! She was naturally over the moon!! I have never given her anything like this before! As for the filling... I put a Christmas spiced tea bag inside! So the warming smells of Christmas oozed out when touched! My mum thought it wonderful!! And yes she tells me it will have pride and place on her tree this year! Awesome! 

Yes I have my new new wheelchair now so the world is my oyster! Lol.... So I did manage to go out, just to tesco shopping! It was great to get out!!

Whilst looking in the home wares I came across this picture... Well Han and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing! Not really sure why, I guess we just thought it funny! Odd thing to have in tesco I guess!?

And of course we stopped for coffee!! Mmmm costa coffee has all the yummy Christmas drinks in now.  So I had a spiced gingerbread skinny latte! I only have skinny as I do t like full fat milk! 

Mmmmm and of course some chocolate covered rice crispie marshmallow bites too!! Mmmmm

Then the snowman selfie! Lol
Han, me and Kevin as we call hans partner! Her name is actually caterina .... Kevin is what she uses as a lot of people say it wrong! Kevin in Portuguese, oh knows English very well!! Lol I have not learnt Portuguese! Ha ha 

I am not looking my best at all... Still rather I'll but managed a smile! And yes they crouched down to my level as I was in the wheelchair! 

Soon time for a visit to the hairdressers I think! Just tricky judging it for when I am well enough to go.

Ok.... Watch ALL your mail boxes! 
Until I next pop in!
BIG smiles to you all :)


  1. Love the ornament it is adorable, that latte looks yummy.


  2. Oh, is that where I got my creativity also? The paste?
    Oh sweet, adorable, little Hannah!
    My oh my, you have been a very busy elf!

  3. Pics of our children are always cute, even though they don't think so themselves.
    Santa is fabulous, a wonderful crafty make, how lovely to add the spiced tea bag inside too ... mmm Christmas smell...wonderful
    You look lovely Jacqui, nice pic of your girlie shopping adventure.

  4. Love the photo of cute little Han...her curls are gorgeous! Looks like a fun shopping trip but seriously, Kevin?! Caterina is such a pretty name.
    Your Santa ornament looks lovely...what a brilliant idea to put a Christmas teabag in for the scent!

    1. Lol I assure you Kevin was not my idea! She made the name up herself and likes to be called it! We just play along! :)

  5. You look great! I love the picture of Han she's adorable :). If she says anything just tell her it's your duty as parent to brag about your kids ;). Santa looks awesome I love the idea of stuffing it with a tea bag. I never would have thought of it!

  6. Well you are looking good, glad you got your wheelchair. love the ornament you gave your mom. You look like you are doing good. Hope you get better soon. big hugs

  7. Wonderful to see you out and about...great photo of you Han and Caterina.....such a pretty name!! For me, better than Kevin!! Love the Santa, great idea to put in the tea bag. Such a cute photo of Han and Father Christmas.

  8. Nice job on the wool ornament! Nice picture of the three of you. Eww, the thought of drinking the full fat milk, called whole over here, just grosses me out! Lol. We are currently drinking 2% fat or sometimes 1% fat. Smiles back at you!

  9. I love your sweet ornament! Great job!
    So good to see you up and out! I know you must have had fun going somewhere!
    Han's photo is too cute!

  10. Lovely photoes , and it is good to see you out and about again .
    Your stitching looks great.

  11. Fantastic that you are out and about....lovely smile and sewing of course. Xx

  12. Cute photo of Han! You should do a grown up recreation of it if you can find a willing Santa!
    Nice selfie of you both with Kevin too, seems like a nice boy LOL.
    LOVE the idea of stuffing an ornie with a fragranced teabag, that's inspired!


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