Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello happy wonderful friends...

I totally forgot in my last post to wish all my friends across the pond a Happy Thanksgiving.... I hope you all had a turkey stuffed day! Such a shame we don't celebrate it here in England it seems like a fun tradition.  I guess it's a bit like Christmas here... The turkey I mean! Turkey and all the trimmings is Christmas dinner here.  Ha ha not that I eat it! I really have no idea what I am going to eat this year for Christmas? Last year I was just about eating salmon so ate that.  I don't do meat, that is why I don't eat turkey.  This year I have gone totally off everything... A bowl of baked beans at this rate! Lol ha ha yes yes I will post a photo! Ha ha no doubt you'll all laugh! 

Over the last few weeks on and off I have been trying to stitch the blue flower in my Scarlet Letter Mary Gail design.  It's been frustrating me no end... I stitch a bit, checked the chart and OMG! Frog and frog! This is what I have been doing for weeks now! Must of stitched the blue flower several times I think! I tried to stick with it, when I lost my glasses ha ha that was the perfect time to throw the towel in and quit.  But then I found my glasses! So thought ok... One last try... And I am pleased to say I actually finished it!! The blue flower that is!! 

Here is where I was...


I am so pleased I stuck with it :)

I still have an awful lot to do with this design... If you have not seen the design, this is what ha ha it will look like! 

So next I am moving over to the lady side, starting with that green leaf above her head.... Then down the side.  Every time I pick this design up I feel like shouting WOW! Ha ha just because it amazes me that I am stitching it! I bet that sounds silly? 

Something else awesome to share with you all... I made jon search the Internet for some time now looking for a free motion quilting foot for my sewing machine!  I have seen so many quilters make lovely patterns on their work I wanted to join in!! Ha ha like I would be able to do it??!! Ha ha 

Well the foot arrived and I jumped on my machine...

Yes got carried away! It's so much fun....

I loved it! Sadly had to get off my machine as my poor back and coccyx could only with stand about 10 minutes at a time.  So I will have to plan it next time, 10 minute slots with breaks in between! 

Oooh yes been quite productive!! Stitched the cute adorable design up I was selected for on FSNI... This remember?

Here it is....

It was actually a really sweet project and I enjoyed it a lot... Jon has been trying to get on the website where is come from to see if there are any others similar to this? Ooh that would be cool... I mean a little village? 

I was kind of experimenting with it... Played all day! Lol

No idea what look I was after, no idea what I was trying to do either?! Playing like I say! 

I should really take some classes or something to learn skills properly? I am a hands on kind of learner, a bit difficult when I am not getting out much! But it's top of list of things to do when I am better! So self taught will have to do! Saying that though, I am open and welcome to receive advice and tips... Oh yes!! Anytime!! 

I cut the squares then did triangles, arranged them in this sort of pattern! Then stitched them onto the adorable design.  Added some wadding or filling or something, not actually sure what it's called! Made a fabric sandwich and then played free motion on my sewing machine! Oh no pattern there either!! Just a whole lot of squiggles and loops!  I was thinking of adding binding .. Still deciding!  And I asked myself the sensible question.... What is it? Ha ha don't know! It is what it is! A sample play piece that was a lot of fun to make! 

Lastly I wanted to show you all the frozen pie Han pulled out the freezer! It was so sad she said... I saw it and burst out laughing!  She said it's sad as it we left in the freezer and wants to be eaten! So she cooked and ate it! 

Oh yes!! Ha ha I have not forgotten I have left you all hanging regarding my AWESOME news! Ha ha sorry you will all have to wait a little longer! 

Ooooh and eeeeek!!! I see some of my happy packages have reached destinations! How awesome! I am so pleased I had the chance to be able to do that... Made me feel ever so happy sending them all out.  And again... I am so sorry if you have not got one of my happy packages, as you can appreciate I cannot send them to everyone... There is always next time though! It was a joy and my pleasure to to do it :)

Until my next post.... 

BIG smiles to you all :) xxx


  1. Happy Thanksgiving lol. Glad you got your new foot I'd be doing all of the swirlies too lol. Your stitching looks great congrats on keeping up with it!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Minnesota in the USA.
    Love your Scarlet Letter stitch, so sweet.
    O.K. the news is on and they are saying 2-4 inch's Monday ICK.
    I have never seen that quilting looks like it could be fun to use, good luck I am self taught in everything I do.
    You are a tease not telling us your news.


  3. You really do so many crafts and everything looks great! I really like the way you finished the antique shop - did you make the button yourself?
    That pie is so funny!

  4. Mary Gail looks so gorgeous.
    Quilting is so very satisfying isn't it?

  5. Mary Gail is looking great! The flower is worth all the time to get it right.
    The embroidered piece you won looks lovely too.

  6. Mary Gail is super.
    Well done on the winners project, you did a great job with that.
    The pie made me smile, it did look sad lol

  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the beautiful stitched ornie.. it was have pride of place on my Christmas tree.. I feel really honoured to be one of your followers to receive your gift and card.
    It will be put on my blog in the next few days
    Love Chris xx


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