Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wanted to add this....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

This is how it will be...

Take it slow and one day at a time...

Some news... hmmmm

Well I have decided to 'give up' studying with the Open University :(  I really have loved every minute of it.  The people I have met along the way, the friends I will keep in touch with... hope they keep in touch with me too!

I have taken this decision so that I can have less stress in my life right now and spend more time with my family.  Life is too short to stress about things...  I am going to be concentrating more on my health and me!

So this is the transitional period... I am in limbo land at the moment!  I know where I am and I now know what I want now... so bear with me whilst I transition!!  :)

This blog has been a kind of life saver!  Its made me think about things, look at my life and think about what I actually want.  Its HUGE!!

I am not giving up...  I WILL get through this tough time right now... and I will come back smiling :)

Watch this space!!!


  1. I've just had to make the same decision, for similar reasons:( So you have my sympathies. But the same reasons also have very good consequences so chin up:)

  2. It sounds to me that you've made the correct decision. When you are ready to, you can go back to study.


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