Monday, 13 May 2013

Another Sad day :(

feeling a little sad as I have sold my little car I have had for 12 years :( Its just gone and now feel sad :( But then again am happy as its gone to a good home and the man I sold it too is over the moon with it... and I do have a new car now :) 

Funny really how we get attached to objects... my car I bought new, its been everywhere with me, all lovely happy memories :)

And now to build new memories with my new car!

I would not class myself as materialistic... I could walk away from everything that I have, but my car, I think its slightly different as I have used it practically everyday for 12 years.  Its been registered in 3 different countries with me and its been nothing but perfect the whole time.

But its a car!!  I do feel a little chocked now its gone, and I know I will miss it.  Its nothing to do with the time and money spent on it to keep it running... its been a part of my life, a huge part!  And now its gone!

I have been driving my 'new' car around from 3 weeks today and I really love it.  In some ways it reminds me a lot of my old car, which I love.  Many a time when I have been looking for parking spaces I have said my little car would of fit!  The car I have now is massive compared to it... but I could not go back now... even to my lovely little car.. nope!  I love my new car...  and really enjoy and love driving it!

So much that like I say its 3 weeks old today and I have clocked up over 1700 miles already! ha ha ha  That is funny! 

Dont mistake my post today as me being sad!  Oh no, not at all!! I am over the moon I have found a lovely chap to take my car.  Its a win win situation really... I have a lovely car and I know my car has gone to a great new home.

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