Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Another Bzzzz Post...

So the next BzzAgent campaign I am doing is this.... Free From range.  Its basically wheat and gluten free foods.

I understand that some people find these foods really amazing as they are able to still eat 'normal' looking foods.  They do look normal and I personally could not tell the difference, it was only until I read the labels I realised!  I was more interested in the taste of them and if they would benefit me, more on the health side rather than having to eat them due to having an intolerance to wheat or gluten. 

The one major thing that I did notice about these items, was the price.  Oh my, they are double if not more of there 'normal' equivalent item, such a shame.

Needless to say the first item I chose to try was Mrs Crimble's large choc macaroons!  Wonder why that was!!??

These were AMAZINGLY LOVELY!! Oh my word!  Really filling too, I could only eat 1!  I was really surprised at how nice these tasted, just the right amount of coconut and chocolate.  I could of chosen the plain variety of these but me being me opted for the chocolate coated ones!  The fact that I can only eat one at a time is a bonus, so great for an afternoon coffee and cake treat.

I also tried the Free From Pizza... this was a whole different story!

After tasting the delightful Mrs Crimble's large choc macaroons, I was really disappointed with this pizza.  I guess this was the one thing I was really looking forward to, as pizza is just lovely at any time!  I cooked it and cut it into finger size slices and my daughter and I shared it.  Now I had thought about adding peppers and mushrooms, but opted against this as I wanted to taste it as it was.

Goodness... it was very bland and tasteless.  It seriously needed a taste infusion, maybe some herbs?  It looked so nice in the packaging... such a let down.  Saying that though my daughter actually preferred to eat it cold!

Moving on... I decided to then try some of the bread, I made a quick snack of French toast.

This bread, Warburtons Gluten and Wheat Free Sliced Seeded is very soft.  It was left out in room temperature and my husband tried to butter 2 slices for a sandwich.  Hmmm the bread just fell apart and was not fit to make anything with, let alone a sandwich!  So I then decided to put it in the fridge, in the hope it would firm up a little.

It luckily did firm up, enough for me to cut into quarters to make French Toast with.  This was my version with freshly sliced tomato and cracked black pepper and sea salt.

This is my daughter take on her style of French Toast!  Just with ketchup!

To be honest it tasted OK, different with the seeds, I actually liked it.  Took a little more convincing with my daughter...but she did eat it!  Overall it tasted OK, and the bread did stay together when coating with egg.  I noted that as some other breads just fall apart.

Whats in store today...

Well I have this, I am thinking of turning it into a flapjack maybe?  Let you know how I get on later!

I also have this bread... not sure what to do with this either!?  Maybe search for an interesting recipe and dive in!?  So I will let you know what I do with this too...


  1. I have been trying the free from wheat and gluten breads due to my IBS. Yes they are very expensive, but they taste not too bad. Have a try of Genius bread.

  2. Ah Paul.. I did see that bread but was not sure. I will give it a go :)

    Anything that helps me is worth a go as far as I am concerned!

    It must be hard controlling your IBS with all the different variety of foods out there? But the gluten free and wheat free items seem to OK I think, ha ha now I have tried some! :)

    Being a BuzzAgent I get to try new things so its great! I do have a load of money off vouchers for the Free From range at Tesco if you would like some? No bother sending you some :) Let me know.


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