Friday, 31 May 2013

Its been a little while .... ooops!

Things have been just a little crazy here so I am very sorry for not posting.... OK so I am going to start posting what I eat again.  The main reason for this is because I can keep tabs on what I do actually eat!  And believe it or does help.

I thought I would start with what I have been up to...

Han and I wanted to try something different so my husband searched the internet for these! Yes they are balls!!  You would think buying an exercise ball would be a simple process... NO!! Were you aware that there is a maximum weight limit, or a burst limit?  Hmmm we did not know this!  So working out our weights then finding a suitable ball was a task and a half, thanks to my husband we now have one each!  Ok so mine is the blue one, and Han uses the red one.  I was not sure about sitting on it at first, I mean its just a ball filled with air!  Reminded me a lot of those space hoppers from years gone by!  We will be experimenting doing some movements on these... to be honest we dont know a lot about them, just thought they were different and would be a little fun to do together.  We shall see!!

Starting tomorrow I will be posting what I eat and drink, I am in this 100% so need to motivate myself!! Those who read and follow my blog, I thank you for sticking with me and I so pleased you have as you being there gives me my strength and motivation to carry on.

Going back to remembering why I started this, it was of course to losing weight!!  But by doing this even if I inspired one person to just change one thing, either eat a little healthier or  take up a little exercise has to be a good thing.  And that was my drive, knowing I may do that :)  Oh and me fitting into some wellingtons!

Goodness it been so long.... so sorry :(

I did come back though! :)

What changes have I made.... well, I no longer study with the Open University.  I loved it, it consumed me and got me back into learning again.  I dont regret studying with the OU, I have made some lovely friends along the way :)

Family is very important to me, recently I had to go for tests as it was thought I may have womb cancer.  Well today I am pleased to say I am doing OK and had a letter saying I am clear.  I tell you its been weeks since I had the biopsy and only heard today.  I have been so worried hence why I have not been doing much of anything but worry!  

I am not one to dwell, I know I am OK, everything is fine SO..moving on with my life.  Getting back to losing weight!!  Watch this space!! OMG I have some catching up to do!   I think with being ill worrying and other stresses I am a bit out of the loop.  

Last night Han and I decided to go along to our local sports center to a trampolining club!  Yes I typed trampolining!! I tell you neither of us have done it before so we thought what the hell, we thought it would be fun!! AND... it was!!

I did have Han here on the trampoline for the first time but for some unknown reason it does not like having 2 videos on the same page :(  So I have dedicated a page just for Han!! :)

This next video clip is of me on the trampoline, first time!!  I really loved it, I never thought I could ever do something like this.  I tell you something it makes you sweat!!

The ladies that run the trampolining are really lovely and welcomed us, we felt accepted.  And I say this as so many places we do feel out of place and uncomfortable.  Whilst doing trampolining we felt good, accepted and happy to be there.  We us both having dyspraxia our balance and spacial awareness is all over the place, we thought trampolining could help!  It did take a few goes to adjust to bouncing and I cannot move my head about, it has to stay looking at one place or I lose my balance!  But we can do it!!  We did do it!! And we both loved it!!

Its late now and I do need some sleep!  Tomorrow is a new day... will be posting EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!! :)  And what exercise I will be doing, this will be a new section everyday as I will be doing something so I will record it.

I mean its not long until Han and I do Race For Life!! OMG!! got to step up the exercise!!!

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