Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hannah's 18th Birthday...

It was Hannah's 18th Birthday on the 12th May... I cannot believe how time has flown!  

Hannah wanted to go and play Bingo for her Birthday!  So we went to Gala and played the afternoon session.  At first she found it hard to keep up with the caller and she was missing numbers!  ha ha it was really funny.

The funniest thing ever was when she shouted when she won a house!  She just really loudly said... "ME" !!  I nearly wet myself!  Her first win, £30!! Not bad! :)

We had Hannah's cake made by a local lady, who is very talented, the cake is just AMAZING.    Hannah did not want to cut it for ages, but did in the end as she wanted to taste it!

The cake is Hannah's suitcase, with all stickers from France on it and a model of her sat on the corner with her camera.  And the most amazing bit on the cake... the Eiffel Tower!  It took the lovely cake lady 3 days to make that alone!  Oh yes the cheshire cat too from Alice in Wonderland as Hannah loves that.

Hannah with her camera sat on the corner of the cake!  I did forget to tell the cake lady that Hannah had died her hair pink!  Oh hum!!

Cake!  And Hannah enjoying the cake!  It tasted great too... moist and yummy!

Hannah being Hannah!

With all her balloons! :)  Which are still in her bedroom!

After the Bingo Hannah and I then went to Chichester to watch the new Star Trek film in 3D.. AMAZING!!!!  Need to watch it again as it was brilliant!  After that we then watched 21 Again.. I think that was what it was called?  Really funny film, we both could not stop laughing!

Then came home and went to bed!  She really enjoyed her day... so pleased :)


  1. Lovely photos - looking forward to another update soon!
    Ruth C


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