Friday, 31 May 2013

Han trampolining!

Here is Han, first time on a trampoline!  I thought she did really well, and we are going back again next week. 

I cannot take any credit for going trampolining it was all Han's idea.  And a GREAT one too!!!   I thought it really really funny when the instructors were chatting to us and asked if we were sisters!! ha aha ah ah a it was so funny!  And the best thing was when I told them I was 42 this year they all nearly fell on the floor!  They thought I was no older that 35!! ha aha  ha a SO SO funny!!  I tell you the more weight I lose the younger I will look!! It is funny :)  Han just rolled her eyes in her head... nothing new she says!!  They did not believe Han was my daughter and that she was 18!! ha haha ha a  got to laugh!!

Trampolining is so much fun, sure all your bits wobble, lots!  We did not care!  They were really good, showing us how to do things from scratch, scary stuff at first but we picked it up OK.  And OMG knackering or what!! Seriously we took a bottle of water with us, it ran out in the first half hour!  We were there for 2 hours in total, and note to self...take more water!!  I was sweating serious amounts of sweat, all from just bouncing on the trampoline!  Crazy!!  Can you tell I liked it! :)  Roll on next Thursday.

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