Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Today is a new day...

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Where do I start....

Hmmm well my knee!  I ended up in A&E as the pain was too much as your all aware, then a nice few days in hospital.. some photo's!

This was me in A&E loving the gas and air intake mixed with oramorph! 

And this one is of my 'view' in the hospital from my bed!! ha ha a

I have been trying to recover at home, walking about with crutches is fun!  I say that as I normally bump into furniture and knock things off due to my dyspraxia but OMG try using crutches as well! ha h a disaster!! 

I have been recovering taking medication pain killers at home and now I am waiting to be referred to the physio therapy people to help get me up and about more. 

Apparently I have arthritis in my knee... now this was a complete shock to me and well I naturally blame myself for all the weight my body has had to carry over the years.  And who ever thought that arthritis could be this painful?

Positive waves over me as I know I have to stay positive... 

hmmm does that actually make any sense?  I am hoping you understand what I mean though?  Hope so? ha h a

Today was to be a catch up session and let you all know that I am OK and still alive!  I feel awful as I have not done any exercise in weeks.  I think this feeling is dreadful and I WANT and NEED the happy feeling when those dolphins get going :)

So you dont really want to know what I have been eating... not that much if I am honest as when taking the medication I am not feeling hungry and the pain actually stopped me eating for a few days!  Not good!  But I know my body now and it needs exercise... have to see if I can get to the pool at some point?  Not that would be relaxing surely?

I guess I am using this blog to reflect and move on from what has happened and say what the hell I am still here and I will carry on regardless!

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  1. Glad to hear from you! Keep positive!
    Ruth C

  2. Hoping for an update soon!


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