Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday 25th October 2013...

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Hello and OMG!! What on earth is the weather playing at???  Where I live we are on amber alert for some really bad weather including real heavy rain and very strong winds.... gosh!!  I think I need to stay in!! 

Today as Han has a 'study at home day' I decided to cook something different for breakfast...

Wholewheat pancakes..

This was my first attempt with rhubarb and strawberry jam... really tasty.

Then I got thinking... as I have pretty much a large selection of Tesco Finest yogurts in my fridge why not put it in my pancake!  So I did!!

Let me tell you.. I used White peach and OMG!! it was so yummy, very different with yogurt in but OH SO nice!  I am so going to do this again... maybe with some of the other flavors too!

Lunch... hmmm have to see later!

Dinner, sorry the name escapes what they are called!?  But they tasted good!  The is it before I wrapped it....

And the 2 wrapped ones I ate...

And one of my yummy Tassimo latte coffee's :)

So this evening Han and I went for a swim, I should re word that as she tried to drown me!  It was really nice, the pool was empty and we larked being us!

Then a nice chill out in the steam room and bubble thing (that word starting with jac... never spell it right so just write bubble thing!). ha ha ha

Back home now and thought I would relax more and do some cross stitch.  I have joined in a secret stitch and have to stitch something to send to a secret person in my cross stitch group.  Quite excited to do this, never done it before.

Keep smiling :)


  1. Ruth and others..

    I have let's say in a sad place recently, hence no blogs. I have been trying to blog but just have not been able to. Your probably asking why am I so low? Well as you know I injured my knee... Badly and I am still waiting for physio. Apparently I now have ostereoarthritis of my left knee. The pain even now is quite bad and bending putting weight on it still hurts. It seemed I was getting back on my feet then this happens and to top it all off I have anemia again. Like I say I am really low at the moment... Been trying to pull myself out... It's hard. I did not want to post negative things.. That is just not me... So that is the reason why I have not posted.
    I hope to be feeling better soon... Thank you for enquiring and sorry I have not been blogging.

  2. I hope you are taking care of yourself and that they are sorting out your knee. I'm looking forward to when things pick up for you and you start blogging again.
    Ruth C


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