Friday, 25 October 2013

Thursday 24 th October 2013...

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Hello world!! 

Today well......

Gosh my life is quite boring lately! hmmm

OK what have I eaten and done today??

This is one of those days I actually have done not a lot... apart from the usual collect Han, done a bit of top up shopping and done the washing and tidied the house and done washing!  Nothing very exciting at all!!

Breakfast...yes you read that right! ha ha... I did eat breakfast today.  It was scrambled egg with heinz 5 beans small pot.

I actually found this very filling and only ate a snack later until dinner much later in the evening.

My nut pot... a nice mixture of un salted nuts.

Then in the evening for dinner I had wholwheat grain rice with a small chicken fillet and bacon medallions cut in pieces into a chicken supreme sauce.

I dont actually think I am drinking enough fluids.. sure I am drinking coffee and the odd herbal tea but I dont think its enough.  Note to self... DRINK MORE!!!

Went to bed to relax early as my knee was hurting, and as I have an adjustable bed I was able to put my knee up.  It was nice :)

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