Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday 22 nd October 2013 ...

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Oh such a lovely day....

Dropped Han at college and spent a few hours with Jon then I went off to college.  Doing GCSE Maths and Advanced English... enjoying it so far.

Its a long day a college as I dont get back in until about 9 pm.  There is no lessons next week as its half term... I would say yippppeeee but I am not happy about taking a week off as I will forget things :(  Sure I have home work to do... I will pace it out I think to make sure I dont forget anything.  This is maths I am rambling on about.

Whilst at college I ate...  not a lot of choice really.  There was sandwiches or sandwiches!  Just had to decide on my filling..

Egg mayo, rice pot and coffee

Got home and fancied something so raided the fridge for some cheese and yogurt.

I am actually 'testing' some cheese from Tesco Finest range as a campaign whilst being a BzzAgent.  Let me tell you its damn good! 

The Tesco Finest cheese selection had this in the pack..
Check out this at the Tesco website... click here

Now I love cheese, all types... yes I know its bad for me... but little now and then as a treat is good for me!! I did not eat all of this cheese... just enough with the crackers I had.

That is the cheese... but let me tell you when I tried the yogurt it was like I had died and gone to heaven!  Seriously really smooth and packed full of flavor.

I tried Tesco Finest Rhubarb and Champagne flavor ..... mmmmm 

Yes I really enjoyed that!

OK so that was my day... Tesco Finest Range made it feel so much better! ha ha 

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