Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wednesday 23 rd October 2013...

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Another busy day today...

Did plan on dropping Han at college but was running a tad behind schedule   She ended up getting a lift from my dad... he saved the day!

Was out early as had to take my car for a service and then onto the hospital for an appointment with Jon.

Turns out it was not such a good day after all as we could not get the car serviced as they did not have a suitable courtesy car.  So the service has been moved to another day now. hmmm

Onto the hospital.. very positive outcome and things finally might be sorting themselves out?  Have to wait and see.  Jon had to have an x ray, the department was empty so I took some photo's...

After that we went home and I went to Aqua fit.  Yes Aqua fit!!  Something new... I really enjoyed the exercise and I have decided to go again.

And a little bonus afterwards was the fact I could sit and read the paper whilst having a coffee in piece!  I had a bit of time to kill before I collected Han so why not!!

Picked Han up and later than evening made dinner... nothing exciting at all really!

Omelette with spaghetti hoops!

Think I made it too big! hmmm What I left!

That was my boring day!  In the evening I watched a bit of TV and cross stitched a bit too.


Why is it that I still feel the need to fill my plate?  
Why is it that I cannot judge how much is enough?
Why is it??

This actually drives me a little crazy...

The fact I cook it, leave it and then throw it away... because I dont want to eat any more because I am full.

WOW... realized what I just wrote... I recognized that I knew when I was full and did not want to eat any more.  BREAK THROUGH!!!

Feeling OK... better I should say!
Taking a day at a time!

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