Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Up wards and on wards...

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Hello all!! 

Yesterday (21 st October) was lets say an interesting day! ha ha ha

I had made a list of things to do as it was a busy day.... nothing went to plan! ha was I actually expecting it to??

So yes... I thought the gym was 12... it was actually 1 pm!  I did not get out of the gym until after 3 pm.  BUT.... it was good.  I am now working on a 2 week program to build my core strength up.  With low impact activities for my knee.  I have a busy week schedule... thought I would try some classes too!  Aquafit, boxing, pilates and circuits!  Dont worry I am not going to over do it... they are all low impact or slow activites to get me moving again... then I can step it up later!  See I will get reviewed ever 2 weeks now instead of every 4, I think that is SO much better.

After the gym we had to rush down town to collect a parcel from the mail post office... one that was delivered when we were out, and too big to fit through the letter box.  What was it? Nothing exciting, just a daylight bulb for me so I can do cross stitch in the dark!

Then it was straight around to the phone shop to collect Hannah's new i phone 5's in gold!  OMG!! I sick of her talking about this phone, you would never think she had had a phone before.  Well OK it is a nice phone but I have been brain washed now!  So collected that and then headed over to the college.  Yes the college as I was getting my hair done!  And Hannah then decided she wanted her hair cut too!  So luckily they managed to squeeze Han in and she got her hair cut too.

I had a tidy up and blond highlights put in, I like the color. Here I am!!  I so need to change my glasses, I think they look so big on my face now.  (Just taken today 22.10.13)


See what I mean about the glasses?? hmmmm

(me again!)

Whilst we were at the college I naturally needed to eat!  Seeing as how I had some how forgotten to eat all day! DAMN!!  So I chose a healthy looking pot of prawn noodle thing... its cold but very tasty and filling.

We did not actually get home until around 9 pm!  A long old day.  So I pretty much collapsed in a heap on the sofa until I found the energy to get into bed! 

Its all go again on Tuesday... I am in college from 1 pm until 9 pm doing maths and English!  So if I have time I will try to up date my blog when I am back, if not it will be Wednesday when I up date.

Just so you know...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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