Sunday, 20 October 2013

sssshhhhhh - yes I am back!

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This as they say is a very good question!! hmmm

Where do I start?

OK I know its been forever since I last communicated... sorry :(

I will wrap it up quickly what I have been up to... 

In a lot of pain, in and out of hospital, waiting for physio, a bit depressed due to my situation and as they say lost my mojo... what ever that was!?  I think its because I have been out of action and unable to exercise, well even move about its been really hard for me.  

But I have said enough is enough now!! And you will be pleased to know I have pulled myself together.  I have finished with the feeling sorry for myself bit now, I am ready to move on.  

I can walk about, but after about 10 minutes of walking it turns into a limp, and I still cannot fully extend my leg.  After any walking it really hurts still.  Instead of sitting on my backside and feeling sorry for myself I realized that is not what I want! hmmm took a while huh?! 

Well like I say I am now feeling positive and looking forward in ways to help myself.  I went along to David Lloyd (where we have membership)  explained to them about how I have been feeling and that I need some help.  OMG!! Worthing David LLoyd is amazing... a bit of a life saver really.  

Tomorrow (Monday 21st October) as 12 I am meeting with a trainer and others to work out a program that will suit me, my injury and they are going to give me loads of help and advice.  I am over the moon with the support they are going to put into place.  Then I will go for a swim, then to the hair dressers as I am in need of feeling better about myself!  All in one day!!

Looking forward not back...

I will be blogging everyday again now, cannot wait to tell you all what happens tomorrow :)

Nice to be back xx


  1. Welcome back. I missed you!
    J x

  2. Glad to hear from you! Good luck with your fresh start tomorrow!
    Ruth C

  3. Wondered how you were doing! Good luck:)


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