Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How exciting!!

Hello friends...

Omg!! Today my dad took me to the hospital to collect my leg brace... The brace we have been waiting months for!!  

I was so excited as I was hoping it would help me move about a bit more, whilst the doctors decide what to do with me!  It's a rigid brace to stop my leg giving way under me when walking with crutches.  And as my leg does not actually go straight it's to encourage that too.

The consultant was very nice, when he brought it out I instantly thought oooooh looks like I am off to play cricket!! Ha ha you'll see what I mean from the photo! Apparently this is the prototype I have to see f I get on with it for 3-4 weeks and if so they custom make me a special caliper leg brace that will bed at the knee when required... Oooh I thought!! 

So here I am relaxing on the sofa with my prototype (cricket! Ha ha) brace! 

It has metal rods in it, well not metal but something like it... Han says it looks like a corset on my leg! Ha ha. I don't care!

I have been relaxing a little while now and it feels wonderful, having the brace on with my trousers it's generating heat no ooooh it feels nice!  Not sure how long I am going to leave it on for, the consultant says as long as I like! 

I am happy as finally I have received some help!!  Not that it's going to help my knee get better, nothing will... I need a new knee! But this will help me manage the pain and be a bit more comfortable I hope.

So yipppppeeee!!!

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Yay! The heat thing probably feels nice but is making me hot lol. My mom had to have knee replacement surgery when she was in her 30s and I probably will too. Good luck with your new brace!

  2. It looks very supportive, fingers crossed this is the beginning of something great and you will soon be able to move about more.

  3. Yay! Improvement and help. I love it! See, I read Heather's message and have been thinking about it too. They CAN do the knee surgery for you, instead of putting it off for 4 1/2 more years!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fantastic news..I can feel you smiling from here! Great that you having finally got something done to help you xxx

  5. I hope this will help you to get around a little better! Glad you have it!!

  6. Happy for you, Jacquie! Hopefully, someone will get it that you need a knee replacement. This is a step in the right direction though!

  7. Good for you, hope it makes the difference you are hoping for. Maria xx

  8. YEA! I hope this will help you heal. Chin up, Kiddo - we're all cheering for you!!!

  9. Hope this helps! It looks a little plain. Is Hannah allowed to decorate it? A few stickers at least?

  10. That is so good something has finally happened for you...ready to bowl up!! I hope this makes a big difference for you!!

  11. Good luck on the new brace, I am so happy for you.


  12. Hope this gives you some relief! Very happy for you!! love Annette


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