Monday, 7 September 2015

Look what I made....

Hello wonderful friends.... 

I have been trying to keep busy, ha ha whilst not moving much!

I have been working on the Satsuma Street design called Summers Flight....

Here is my journey..

Then I thought I could stitch some pieces of coloured fabric together for the back... By hand naturally as thee is no hope of getting any where near my sewing machine right now!

Colours I thought would go...

Stitched them by hand...

Then ironed them...

Stitched it together, slightly larger than the one the designer made...



The one the designer made...

I must admit it looks wonderful on linen... I may try another one on linen...ha ha when I can use my sewing machine.

I am happy with my attempt, it's good to try new things. As they say I have room for improvement!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Smiles to you all :)


  1. That is beautiful the colours in the backing! Good to see you are sewing away there!

  2. Such a gorgeous finish and the back looks marvellous, too. Take care of yourself.

  3. I have just been backreading your posts - oh, my dear friend, I do hope that you are on the road to recovery. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. xoxo

  4. Looks gorgeous, lovely colours!

  5. You did a great job! Your hand stitching looks so much better than mine that's for sure! The colors you picked are perfect for it :)

  6. Que de couleurs chatoyante!
    Un travail merveilleux,le choix des couleurs bien vivent est trés harmonieux

  7. Gorgeous design stitched and finished perfectly!
    I too have been catching up on blog reading, so sorry to hear of your continued health issues. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  8. A super finish, the colours you chose for the backing really do look nice togather.

  9. oOo! I love it! Fabulous colors Jacquie. I am praying for you today!


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