Saturday, 12 September 2015

Little bit of this....

Hello wonderful friends.... 

Yes a little bit of this...not so much of that! Ha ha 

Well what is this little bit I have been doing? Stitching of course! 

I have been trying to stitch a little more of the Strawberry Thief by Wilłiam Morris... My HAED ...

This one...

Well I think last time I posted it looked like this..

And now it looks like this...

I have been trying to fill in the little holes here and there... Gosh so many thread changes! All good fun! And incase you cannot picture it, it's upside down! Just easier for me to stitch whilst on my frame!

Being my first HAED I am still feeling overwhelmed everytime I stitch this...but that's normal I guess? As long as I keep adding stitches everything will be fine! 

Not a lot of you know...I think?! That I don't eat meat.... Nothing to do with animals, I just don't like the texture in my mouth so don't eat it.  My appetite lately is all over the place with all the pain I have and I wanted to share with you all the latest yummy food I am eating! 

Of course it's veg! This one is basically a veg chilli stir fry... Mmmmm

This is something I could eat every day! Gust tossed veg in a wok!  Love courgettes....mmmmm

Yes all very good for me no doubt! And with being not so active again at least I am trying to watch what I eat, and kind of eating healthily.

Still no news regarding my knee... Although Monday afternoon I am off to the hospital in the transport to get an X-ray! Yes another X-ray! Not my chest this time, my coccyx and lower back.  Goodness I have so much pain it's horrendous, just the simplest of movement and it hurts so much.  The doctor wants to see the results of an X-ray... Hmm not really sure how that is going to help me? So still playing the waiting game! My breathing is much better now, thanks to the antibiotics.

I have been thinking of making a list of top 5 things I have on the go.... You know stitching.  Top 5 is good then as I finish one I can replace it with another project.  I thought 5 would be a good number, and an easy rotation.

So here is my top 5 stitches I am currently doing...

1.. This is HAED, The Strawberry Thief by William Morris.

2.. This is The Scarlet Letter design called Mary Gail.

3.. This is a new project just starting... Prairie Schooler design called A Prairie Garden..
All ready to go with this, not actually started yet though.

4.. This is the ongoing Joyful Journal monthly series I am stitching from Heart in Hand.. Here is September...

5.. This is open! Ha ha for quick project I want to do... Something like that! Sometimes I may stitch some patchwork here too?

I made this hoping to morph it into a project bag! Ha ha I say morph as I have no idea how I am going to do that as yet! Ha ha just adding shapes! Ha ah it's fun! 

Yes experimenting with lots.... Hmm 

I think maybe I lack direction? Jon and I have looked on the Internet for designs to follow, to actually 'make' something... I just don't know where to start!  And what can I make as a newbie? Something that is not too daunting, something that is fun and something that I could actually make from start to finish? If you have the answer, or a good idea message me and I will certainly go check it out! 

Jon is such a sweetie, with me being a bit down in the dumps with all the health issues I currently have he wanted to make me smile.... This arrived in the post..

The book is amazing... Shows all the techniques, how to stitch things right! Lol I need that! And the Liberty book is something I saw a friend stitch something out of on Facebook... And jon thought as I have Liberty fabrics.. Why not!... Remember....

Han says I have a problem with fabrics! I think I just like to feel them... Stitching shapes together is fun but hurst my fingers after a while, so it's good to change to cross stitch now and then.  Hand stitching is very rewarding as you see it grow... All my work! Lol

That is what I am currently up to! 
 Like the title says... A little bit of this .... Ha aha not so much of that lol! 

Th k you for popping in to see me :)
Hope your all having a lovely weekend.
Smiles :) 


  1. You are making great progress on your upside down Strawberry Thief! The PS design looks like it will stitch up quite quickly, at the rate you go anyway! It's going to be like several smaller finishes.
    Nice patchwork too.

  2. Lovely projects you have on the go. I like that Prairie Schooler one. Very pretty. You are doing a great job on the HAED. x

  3. Wonderful projects Jacquie. That Liberty Cross Stitch book looks fantastic! Way to go Jon!

  4. You're making lovely progress on these. I'm sure you'll find a project soon. That was sweet of Jon good luck with your knee :)

  5. Lots going on there, keeping busy! The food looks delicious. Good progress on the Thief, looks great. At least you're stitching, I seem to have lost my mojo! Hoping for the best with the X-ray.

  6. Que de projet!
    Tant mieux je dirais,du moment que cela te plaît,
    Ah,ha Strawberry thief avance,je me rejouis de chaque avancé,que je suis avec plaisir!
    Doux dimanche et bonne petites croix

  7. Gorgeous them. I don't eat meat either..and feel much better for it!

  8. I hope you feel better soon. Your projects are beautiful.

  9. Beautiful stitching, wonderful projects! Best of luck with your health issues:)

  10. The Prairie Schooler is a lovely design and your HAED is growing well. September owl is so cute.
    Hope the news is good from the Xray


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