Friday, 4 September 2015

Keeping busy...

Hello friends, just wanted to pop in and let you all know I am doing ok.  After another episode with my breathing I went to my local hospital last night.  It's not somewhere I willing go to as I really dislike the hospital... Han came with me and I got checked out.  I am covered in bruises from the attempted try's to get blood out of me! The outcome was the antibiotics where causing the breathing problems so I am now on another one! I left A&E at 5.30am!! Ha ha I am hopeful that this new antibiotic will work fine...time will tell! 

I am still so very tired and worn out... But keeping busy stitching! 

I stitched a Notforgotten Farm design called Jack Sprat..

I think him rather cute... He will have to wait to be finished as I really cannot sit at my sewing machine right now.  Omg! The pile of finishing things is growing! Ha ha 

And now I am stitching something really colourful, to help lift my spirits and mood :). It's a Satsumastreet design called Summers Flight.

Look at all the lovely colours... And yes I opted for a nice green fabric :)

Here is where I am now,...

I also managed to stitch a little more of my Scarlet Letter design, Mary Gail... Not a lot... A little..

It's coming together really nicely, I am loving the colours.

It's taking a lot of concentration so only managing a few stitches here and there... Better than none I guess.

And a while ago I started to stitch hexies...

Thought I would do something with them...

But had to stop as my finger was hurting!! Will work more little bit at a time I think.

So that's it in a nut shell! 

Smiles to you all :) xxx


  1. stay well my friend.....OMG your hexies look great...........

  2. You've made some great progress :) Good for you stitching while not being able to breathe lol I wouldn't have been able to. Good luck with your new medication!

  3. Lovely stitching Jacquie. Hope the new meds help.


  4. Ooohhhh love the hexies!!! Well done!! You are getting lots done with your stitching! Hope the new antibiotics help you.

  5. Que de beaux travaux,j'admire ce beau rangement avec les hexa!
    Doux week end et bonne broderie

  6. Lot of hugs from LOT where I can follow you (thanks to wifi) during holidays in Périgord. Mary Gail looks great and hexies flowering. Hugs Bisous

  7. Yes! I saw Summer's Flight. It is very colorful and perfectly you. :)
    Oh wow! Your hexies! Lovely. Perfect colors. ha! ;)

  8. The Satsuma Street is really colourful and pretty.
    The hexi's look amazing, such pretty fabrics and colours you are using it that too.
    {healing hugs} x

  9. I am sending good thoughts to you in hopes that you will feel better soon. I love Jack and love all those hexies....

  10. Jacquie, wish good health !!!
    Your work is beautiful!
    I really like Summers Flight!

  11. Hope you've had a better weekend. Love the Satsuma Street freebie. I've decided to stitch that when I finish Little London.
    Mary Gail is looking good too.

  12. I hope your health improves very soon Jax.


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