Sunday, 27 September 2015

Yes!!! I can see!!!

Hello friends :)

Nothing new but I have been terribly poorly the last two weeks, still have pneumonia and then I some how got full blown flu on top!! I know such bad luck!! With me being quite poorly I could not stitch much as it strained my eyes.. I had my eye prescription updated and now have my glasses back!! Ha ha the optician explained to me that I now have 'old eyes' !! I need a pair of glasses to see far distances and also a pair to see close up too! So the photo are of my close up ones, they have a special tint in them so I can read better off white things... Helps with my dyslexia.  With me being poorly they have sat in the opticians for weeks, I had to collect them to make sure they were right and did not need adjusting.  As it happens they were just fine when I put them on! Oh and it's great as now I can see again! Ha ha

I have been doing a few little things that did not need much concentration, but you all know what it's like when your feeling poorly... Just can't be bothered!! But I did try and be bothered as I love to make is what I have been up to...

I w a really nice design in one of my magazines for English Paper piecing so this is what I tried...

As you can see from my phone next to the pieces, it's a small design!  The little squares are 1 cm and the hexies fit to it.

Choosing fabrics! omg!! Yes I love feeling fabrics, got a thing about them lately! This is what I eventually chose! 

Then off I started...

Opted for a random look... Ha ha I found this quite difficult if I am honest.  I literally had to close my eyes and choose one out of the pot! Han thought it all rather funny that I was having difficulty understanding the whole random thing.  See at first I thought well as long as two colours did not touch that is still random! But it's not!! This is why I ended up closing my eyes and just picking one out! 

Han thought this looked like a turtle! 

It's starting to grow...
I love how it's coming together.

I love how the back looks.

And this is where. I am now,..

I love it!! 
And I kept getting asked... What is it going to be?! Ha ha well I am just making it! Lol we shall have to wait and see!! 

What else have I been up to?.......

I had an idea, the fragmin boxes I use a lot of ha ha for the daily injections I have to have... To stop me getting more blood clots.  Well it's actually really good card, so thought I would use them for templates for EPP!!

I did try to do some cross stitch, and thought seeing as it was just lines I would be ok?? Hmm appeared not! Ha ha!! Thankfully I have my glasses back now so will be able to catch up.  

Here is where I am with the Prairie Schooler design called A Prairie Garden...

And sad to say not much progress without glasses on the Scarlet Letter Mary Gail design either :(. Well it is 45 count linen!! And with no glasses impossible!!! 

I love the colours of this and cannot wait to pick up my needle and thread again :)

You all know I love experimenting and trying new things... I saw a lovely freebie design by a lovely lady called Lori in one of the FB groups I belong to.  I thought I would try a bit of applique, I have done it with felt before and loved it.  I would ideally love to try with wools... Soon maybe? So as I have cotton fabrics I thought I would use them.  I made the design slightly smaller, I did this as I was not actually sure if I could do it and it was more achievable, to finish... I thought! 

So here is what I made... I have a lot to learn! I did enjoy it though.

Finally I thought I would show you all what is beside me on the sofa! Just for a giggle! Bearing in mind my mobility is still zero so everything is to hand! 

The dotty pot literally holds everything! Even my strepsils for my cough! And drinks as you can never have too many fluids! Mmmmm

Threads, fabrics I am using and my sewing box too... I so need a craft room!! Ha ha Oooh do you think Han would move out!  Ha ah nah, oh well maybe one day I will get one?

Hope your all well and happy? Now I am feeling a little better I shall have to pop around your blogs and catch up! 

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Jacquie, admire your patience during sewing!
    You have a nice selection of fabrics!
    I wish you health !!!!!!

  2. I've missed your happy messages but had no idea you have been so very poorly. ((((hugs))))
    Here's to a quick recovery.
    J x

  3. I am so glad to read a post by you. How nice to know you were just a bit better. Enough to get a bit of crafting done.

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon. Your hexie project looks very interesting!

  5. I'm glad you're feeling a little better but dang girl stop getting sick :)

  6. Beautiful projects! Get better soon Jacquie!

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  8. Hope you are feeling better soon.

     Love your hexies. Looking forward to seeing what you're making.

    .I now have to distance glasses as well as readers so my optician suggested varifocals. I was scared to death of having them but got used to them quite quickly. I just hope I don't have to have new ones too often as they are expensive.

  9. Your latest hexi project is growing well, great fabrics you chose for it.
    {healing hugs} x

  10. Great progress on everything - hope you continue to improve. Lovely, lovely fabrics.

  11. Love the hexies you are making...I find random very hard to do too. .seem to have to keep organising them!! Lol! Hope you are better soon, pneumonia and flu is not fun!!

  12. Glad the new glasses are helping. I love the idea of the tinted lenses for your dyslexia.
    The hexies look good too. The human brain is designed to find patterns which is why we struggle with true randomness. It's to do with our hunter/gatherer roots and survival instincts as cavemen. Or something!

  13. Love your glasses!!!! Everything is better when you can see!!! haha
    So hope you'll be doing better very quickly!!!


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