Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bee Happy....

Hello happy friends...

I have been trying to slow down today... actually had no choice as I had a pretty restless night.  All due to my arthritis flaring up in my left knee... its really quite bad and luckily we have crutches in our home so I am hobbling about on them.  

I know really bad.. I just want to get back to 'normal' ...what ever that is!?

Oh that's right... healthy and well again!  

Ok... so if I rest and take things easy, or easier I should start to get well again, you would like to think so ...right?  Promise to take things easy.. :)

As you can see from the top of this post bee's are the theme today!

I wanted to stitch a little something for Han... she likes bees... lol she got one tattooed on her!! So I stitched a little something for her to hang on her mirror in her bedroom.

Here is the 'bee' I stitched for her... its a Prairie Schooler design.  I stitched it on 28 count sage green linen using DMC threads 1 over 1 with a gold bead hanging loop.

That is the bee!!

I wanted a little quirky bee for the back so just altered the chart a little.

Han loves it, and its now in her bedroom!

I enjoyed my stitching today, I hope your all having fun making what ever your doing too?

I cannot believe that before we know it, it will be February!! Oh my!! And that means Valentines Day.  I have never really made anything for this day before.. Oh yes there are plenty of wonderful things out there to do.  Its just, well..... not sure as I have never made anything for my husband before.

How do you all feel about this? It it me being rather odd?

Oh my then its Easter!! lol ha ha  I love stitching happy easter things :)

What do you like to stitch? Yes...curious!

Ok... must go now, smiles to you all :)



  1. That is too, too cute! A precious bee AND a Prairie Schooler! You did great!
    I hope you are getting better and feeling a little better--this has certainly been a long and unpleasant time for you!
    You are right!! Valentine's is definitely on the way and then St. Patrick's and Easter! I have ornaments for all of those....and even for Mardi Gras!!! I'm in the process of re-arranging and will put out the Mardi Gras tree within the next few days! I'll probably have the Valentine's one out at the same time....I'll have to see about that!
    Hang in there and get better quick!

  2. Gorgeous bee! Keep resting and of course stitching! I have never stitched anything for my husband. He is not really interested and doesn't appreciate handmade things. The first thing I ever stitched was a Valentines card for my first boyfriend! We split up not long after that. Not sure if he kept the card but I certainly kept the hobby!

  3. Lovely bee , you did a great job .
    I love Easter the best .

  4. Super super beautiful Bee ornament you stitched and completed! WOW!!! Anything with hearts is great for Valentines. You can make one for your husband but them display it somewhere so everyone can see it. Sorry to hear your knee is giving you problems. Best to sit/rest and stitch:)
    love Annette

  5. Very cute bee. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. I have never made Brian Valentine items. That sounds fun though. I have a Valentine display of stitched things.
    I love the linen you chose for Han's bee. The whole thing looks great!

  7. Great bee Jacquie - it seems you've been as busy as a bee yourself!
    Just taken each day carefully & sensibly so you don't wear yourself out, you're still recovering from your recent drama!

  8. I haven't made anything for my husband specifically, either! I asked him if he'd like a small piece for his desk at work and he was all for it though, so now I just need to find something suitable! :D

    Your bee looks great; I love the fabric. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down and stitch more. It's relaxing, right?! :)

  9. Hope you're better soon. Crutches can be - er - tricky. Bee careful (HA!). Get it? "Bee" careful? Hmmmm - I think I need a good cup of coffee or tea.
    Love the bee - I bet Han does, too.

  10. Cute Bee!

    I have only stitched one thing for valentines day but I never gave it to him haha. Perhaps this year I will display it :)

  11. Bee on Han's great !!! Even my husband likes bees:-)
    On Valentine's Day we do nothing, it is not our holiday:-)
    Take care of yourself !!!

  12. Wonderful little bee ornament.

  13. Love your bee ornament. So cute. Take care. B ee sous. "bisous = kisses" xxx ;)

  14. Wonderful stitching and hope you get to feeling better

  15. Oh my I hope you are feeling better soon, your Bee stitchery is beautiful. I can't believe how quickly the month is moving on, it will be Christmas again before we know it.

  16. Love the bee you made, just wonderful!
    I have read that honey and cinnamon is good for arthritis...just have to find it and let you know the amounts!! Nothing happens for Valentines Day here...DH says it is over commercialised and so ignores it!! He is a grump sometimes!! Lol!!

  17. Lucky Han! A sweet bee stitching & finish, well done :)


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