Monday, 12 January 2015

Some Halloween stitching.....

Hello stitching friends....

Last year I joined the Halloween ornie SAL group ... And sorry I am on my iPad right now so don't know how to post links :(. There is however a quick button down the side bar .. It's the ghost :)

Well as I say I joined last year and thought oooh marvelous, stitching Halloween things.  Here in UK Halloween is not that much of a thing, but I wanted to do it anyway.  Maybe one day to have enough things for a little Halloween tree!  Ha ha yes just like you Frances!!

Here is what I stitched....
It's designed by David Morrill from The Stitchworks and is called "Witchy Lou".  I found it in my digital copy of Just Cross Stitch magazine issue Sept/Oct 2013.

I stitched it on herbal tea stained 18 count Aida, I used DMC threads with orange and black beads.

So that is my witch stitch for January.

Looking ahead, February is skeletons...this could be fun, maybe have to dig out some black fabric to stitch on.

Yes I am on my iPad again ..... I am so rubbish writing my blog on here.  See I cannot sit in my stitching chair due to my knee being so bad and painful.    I am on our sofa, it has a reclining action and means I can put my legs up.  

And as I am not in my stitching chair or corner I feel so lost... Nothing is to hand and I have to keep bothering Han to get or find things for me.  It's a real pain being laid up and not really being able to walk.  I have been taking pain killers today as its so bad... And yes I am fed up beyond belief that this is happening to me.

Enough drivel... Trying to stay positive ....

Ha ha guess what... I hope this post turns out ok.. See I am doing the draft on my iPad and then Han is going to open it on my PC and make all the little adjustments that I cannot.  Oh you know like... The font, the colour... The photo size.. And then hopefully my post will look acceptable!?  Thank you Han :)

I naturally wanted to post more today... Ho hum!  There is always tomorrow!

Happy stitching to you all

Smiles :) 



  1. That it is good even with the pain you are an optimist! Optimism healing !!!
    You are so fast, something new every day:-))))))
    Nice finish, beads great!

  2. Love the little witch. A Halloween SAL would be fun. Glad you are resting. I have days that my arm and hand don't let me get much done. Its been 5 months since my accident so I can relate to your frustration of just wanting it over. Hang in there!

  3. The post turned out fine! I hope that you are on the mend really soon and congrats on your Halloween finish.

  4. Cute witch! (Sounds like an oxymoron...) Hold on to that positivity! Just one step at a time, and you're already leaps and bounds ahead since just a short time ago!
    P.S. Han is such a sweetheart. :-)

  5. Great stitching...hang in there...hopefully you will be a little better each day!

  6. Such a sweet ornie. Well done. Take care

  7. Cute, cute little witch!! I love it!!!
    Did you say Halloween Tree???? That's music to my ears!!! HAHA
    I hope you'll improve quickly and feel better soon!

  8. Well, we're happy you have a comfy couch to repair to. Soon you'll be back in your stitching throne and all will be right with the world. Love the little witch. Here's to you Halloween tree coming together for you this year.

  9. Witchy Lou is a cutie ")
    Take care.

  10. It looks great I'm lazy and do most of my posting from my iPhone. But I don't change the color or anything so I'm happy with it lol. The ornament is adorable I'm glad you're on the mend :)

  11. I love Halloween designs and your finish is adorable :) Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope your knee heals quickly :)

  12. I love Halloween designs and your finish is adorable :) Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope your knee heals quickly :)

  13. Witchy Lou is a cutie, a good start to your Halloween collection.
    {get well} hugs... I hope you have some of the sunshine I have beaming in my window this morning, it certainly makes the day seem brighter!

  14. I LOVE stitching Halloween & Christmas designs!!!
    Your little ornament looks great with the bead finish :)

  15. I'm with you I do almost everything on my iPad but I find its just not good enough for blogging, or well the apps aren't great. I like to use my laptop, also download pictures from my good quality camera for nice photos for you all!

    Great January Halloween stitch!

    I hope the knee is better soon!

  16. How nice! I am in the Halloween mood myself - we must be in tune. :) She reminds me of the Green Witch from the Wizard of Oz.
    I am contemplating a Halloween design - maybe a "Potions Store" by Primitive Hare.. I want to do one big project and a few ornaments by next Halloween, so I can put up a "Halloween tree" and decorate it. Happy stitching!

  17. Hello Jacquie! Thank you to comment in my january halloween ornie sal!


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