Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Keeping busy.....

Hello friends...

Well unfortunately I am still in a lot of pain... Just had the doctor out and appears all I can do is increase the pain medication..oh and learn to live with it!! Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!

So here is me living with it! 

Trying so very hard to stay positive and happy...

I have been quite busy on the sofa!  Lol

Here is what I have got up to...

I was lucky enough yesterday to be given a costa coffee...oooh it was nice!

And thank you to the lovely mouse as this chart was gifted to me from her for Christmas :)

So stitched a Lizzie Kate coffee chart... And instead of stitching the coffee beans I made some!  I really love to do things differently...and am quite pleased with the look of this.  I was deciding how to finish this... Maybe a mug warmer... Or a little pillow, ha ha for my future tree! Lol

A little closer.... I love it!

Oooh yes whilst sitting here trying to keep busy and thinking what to do.... And as I cannot use my sewing machine right now....ha ha can't do much of anything!

I thought I would practice those lovely stitches I have been learning... And wanted some mixed colours to do that on... So sewed some hexes together and will practice on there..

I am so useless... I needed the paper inserts so did that on paper, but could not decide which way was best!  Here is was I did..

Then this...

I love all the sorting and pinning the hexes... It's so much fun and really relaxing to do.

Then it builds up...

I am basically just randomly placing the hexies.... Hoping it looks ok!

Oooh then I made this...

So now I think I am ready to start using it to try all those lovely stitches on.  I am quite excited to see how it will look..

Ooooh yes.... I just tell you all about the little bit of happiness that arrived though my door via delivery man today...

See jon has been entering some competitions..this is what he won....

A few close ups...

I am so excited that jon won all of this.... How lovely!!! And it looks like Han and I will be smelling wonderful for a while!  Go jon!!!

So yes back to my stitching....

Happy smiles to all of you :)



  1. Congrats Jon on the win, what a lovely prize.
    Hour hexi's look wonderful Jacqui.

  2. Love the coffee stitching! Great mind must think alike because like you I've been busy stitching something about coffee ;) I will blog about it soon.. when I've actually finished it.
    Great prize to have won. Jon is so lucky!!! Send him my way, our American style fridge/freezer has just broken down today & will have to go & buy a new one :( So I could do with a bit of luck!!! :D
    Well, you & Han are definitely the luckiest ones, because you will be smelling so yummy :D Enjoy!

  3. Lovely stitching - and wo-HOO!! to Jon - what wonderful prizes. Take care -

  4. Those bottles are so cute! Congrats to Jon and yay for you guys getting to benefit!

  5. Congrats o Jobs win. It all looks so nice. And love the coffee stitch.

  6. Congrats to Jon, really nice coffie stitching.

  7. Congrats on the cute finish Jacquie. Nice win by Jon.


  8. You are NOT useless - and love the comp prizes. Well deserved.
    J x

  9. So sorry to hear you are still not feeling great. I have been to the doctors recently and they can't find out what is wrong with me. So frustrating. What a fab Molten Brown haul. Love your patchwork. x

  10. ooOoo! Jon did very well!
    I can't believe I forgot to tell you about Voltaren Gel. It is for pain. You can rub that on your knee. I use this in addition to my pain meds when things get bad. It is by prescription only for us. For you in England it is over-the-counter and way cheaper.

  11. Jon sure won a great prize!! What fun!
    I love your coffee stitch-just precious! And how exciting that it could possibly turn up on a tree!!!!! hahaha
    I hope you will suddenly feel better-I know it must be hard to be in pain!

  12. Boy no way are you useless, look at everything you have done!! Your hexies are lovely and they have grown so quickly!! Jon did really well didn't he!!!

  13. OMG what a great prize - Jon will be smelling really good, ha ha!
    Jax I love your own-made coffee bean buttons - so clever you are - I love coffee too!

  14. I love this post! Everything about it.
    Jon's win is wonderful! Your coffee beans are to-die-for they're just so darn cute! The hexes are coming along beautifully, I love how you have them all placed. It looks perfect.


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