Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stitching, stitching, stitching....

Yes!! Stitching is what I am doing!!

Hello everyone, I am happy and merry today.. Ha ha no idea as to why, just am!! Ha ha not high on medication as I stopped taking it as it was doing nothing.  I guess it's because I am enjoying stitching...

Yes it's taking my mind off things... I guess I am trying to ignore the pain in my leg! Ha ha well I can if I don't move it! 

So I should show you all what I have been doing....

Still stitching my "Sampler Game Board" by The Drawn Thread.

Here is where I am... Rather was!!! 

I stitched the house with the tree this morning... Then OMG!! I noticed an error!! I had stitched the crown in the wrong yellow!  So I unpicked it!!

Here it is in the right colour!!  It's a much more golden colour.

You can see what I have stitched now...

The line with the cherry.... Not the cherry but the house, lamb... The line with the crown... The houses either side... The line under with the flower, bird and house... That is basically what I have done in 2 days.  It's very time consuming due to all the colour changing... But I love the fact that each little square is one design.

I am really really enjoying this again, I cannot believe actually how much I am.... So pleased I decided to stitch it again.  And I will stitch it until it's finished as I would like to pass the chart on to a dear friend who has always wanted to stitch this... Just hope she can wait! 

A bit of news....

Well from my last blog I said I was expecting a community nurse to visit today.... Hmmmm no!!! But I did get a phone call from her saying she is coming tomorrow now!  Something I guess... Thinking I should be happy that someone is visiting!!  So I will keep you posted when I know more.

Some other news... Han went to pick up a TENS machine today to see if it will help with her back.  She has been wearing it today and says so far that yes it's good, but will 'put it through its paces' over the course of the 2 months she has it.  I hope it does help... We shall see!  And Han did mention that I should maybe request one to try for my knee.. So yes!! I will to the community nurse tomorrow.

Ok.. Onwards and upwards... 

On with the stitching...

Happy smiles to you all :) xx

Ooooh yes!!! Look what I found in my copy of Cross Stitch Crazy issue 200, March 2015 issue..... I subscribe so got it a little early.

It's Justine's blog... It's a feature!! Congratulations!!! :)


  1. Love your stitching you are making great progress!! Hope the community nurse turns up for you soon!! Good to hear the machine is helping Han........slow progress!! :-)

  2. Great progress! No fear on the fogging he should leave you alone now as he has come to visit me.
    So glad you're in good spirits. :-) Hopefully you and Han both will finally have some relief.

  3. Yay Justine! Good luck with your meeting tomorrow!

  4. I like this pattern! The colors are really pretty and your stitching looks great!
    I hope that nurse gets there tomorrow and can figure out what to do with you!!! You need to feel better!

  5. Hope all goes well with the nurse today.
    WTG Justine!
    Gameboard is looking great.

  6. beautiful stitching..
    sending you get well soon hugs x

  7. Lovely work Jacquie.
    Oh sure, just one more days wait for the nurse. arrgh
    I sure hope you get HELP today with her.

  8. I'm glad you're having a happy day and that your stitching is giving you lots of comfort. My stitching for me is my therapy... most times its probably cheaper than a therapist too!

    I hope the nurse can help you out and give you some relief!

  9. Love the progress on all the little houses, they are so sweet.
    I used TENS during both my labours, worked wonders with the first one, really good. Not so much for the second but that's because I was getting Prostin pains from the failed inductions!
    Definitely worth a try. Would either of you consider acupuncture?

  10. Love your pice your stitching! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and the machine is helping Han. Thank you for the pointer to Justine's blog. I'll have to pop over and offer my congrats!

  11. Hope the machine helps Hannah and that you are feeling better. Super lovely sampler and loving your progress! Congratulations Justine!!! WOW how cool that you are going to be in the magazine.
    love Annette


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