Sunday, 18 January 2015

Stitching in my own little world...

Hello wonderful friends, I am unfortunately still in a lot of pain and not dealing very well with it at all.  I seriously have no pain tolerance so this is really hard for me.  My knee is really swollen still, even with taking anti-inflammatory medication.  I don't like to take tablets, they are not real helping but I keep hoping they might.  I have been like this for over a week now and there really is not an end in sight... The only thing that is keeping me functioning and sane is my stitching! 

I have been stitching, but I thought to help me feel better I would make some gifts... That is what I have been stitching! 

That being said I cannot really show you much... Other than this little snippet of one thing I am currently working on...

Yes it's a bee!! I am really quite pleased with how it looks too!  You will get to see this in due time...ha ha once the person it's going to receives it! 

I can however show you the other stitches I have been doing in the FaceBook group.... Stitches 6,7,8,9 and 10.

Yes I had a bit of bother grasping stitch 10 at first but then it just come together.  I am really enjoying learning all the new stitches.. Having never done anything like this before I find it really interesting.

Wish I had more to show you all.... Maybe I should start another design and stitch a little on that whilst making all the happy gifts?

Ha ha just realised... No idea as to when they are all going to get posted?  With me being house bound that is a really good question!  I am the driver in the family... We have had to rely on shopping on the Internet to get food into the home!  So when I am better... Ha ha when ever that is, I will have a lot of packages to post at the post office!!  So as long as you all don't mind waiting...

Ok... Back to my stitching :)

Smiles and happy thoughts to you all :)


  1. You know you may be able to have your mailman take them to the post office for you if you have the packing materials and postage. Get well soon!

  2. So very sorry that you are still in pain. I cannot imagine hurting for that long!!! I hope that it gets under control soon!
    Your new stitches are interesting! You're going to be an encyclopedia of stitches!
    I love that bee--too cute!

  3. I'm so sorry you're still in pain :-( praying it leaves you soon! In the meantime however your new stitches are lovely. The little bee is adorable. :-)

  4. Love your stitches....they look great!!
    Sorry too to hear you are still in pain...hope it eases very soon for you.

  5. Sorry your in pain, hard to ignore and very restricting. I love your stitching, hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh Jacquie! The chronic pain club is not one I wish for you to join me in. I am sorry you still suffer. I do think the anti-inflammatory medication is the right thing to do. I find it hard to believe it is the only thing to do. Do a little research on you knee condition.

  7. I hope you get to feeling better! The bee is simply adorable!

  8. Lots of (get well hugs) xxxxx
    You are really doing well with the embroidery stitches.

  9. Your stitching is lovely now to get that knee to cooperate. Hope you're feeling much better soon ")

  10. I love your little bee! Thank goodness for online shopping. Hope you start to feel better very soon. Hugs xx

  11. The bee is beautiful!
    I hope the knee heals and will fit!
    Well, the e-shop, not hungry:-)))

  12. Sorry you are still in a lot of pain. At least you have stitching to keep your mind off it a little. I love your stitch sample pages. I don't get on with lazy daisy at all, mine become two straight lines not a loop.

  13. I've been keeping you in prayer. Want you up and feeling so much better. No fun at all being in pain and not being able to do what you want or need to. Love all your stitching. LindaLee

  14. Cute little bee!! Looking forward to see the finish :) xx


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