Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Slowly does it...

HHello friends, you are all amazing and I thank you for your lovely comments.  I noticed one from Susan or should I say Kiwikid...(sorry I am useless on my iPad, I don't know how to tag) She very kindly recalled an article she read from Copenhagen University about drinking honey and cinnamon in hot water.  To be frank at this stage where nothing at all is helping I will try anything!  

So yes Han made it up for me, 1 tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Now I cannot say I liked it.. Nope!! I found it really really sweet.. Less honey I think!

See I did actually try it!! 

Another friend suggested things with ginger in.. So I had Han raking through the 'tea' cupboard reading all the packages to see what was actually in my herbal teas!! I do have a few with ginger so I will try those next.

I have been in terrible pain today... Must just be one of those days I guess?!  I am only cat napping as the pain is keeping me awake.  You will all be pleased to hear that jon actually spoke with the doctor today.  Apparently tomorrow morning my doctor and various services, social services, district nurses, physiotherapists, community support liaison people all attend this meeting and well I am to be discussed!! About time really, also a community nurse is apparently visiting me tomorrow to assess my needs!! Ha ha. Omg!!! Well um... I cannot do anything!! Lol  so it's a case of fingers crossed now to see what happens...I will keep you all posted.

I have on and off managed to stitch a few lines... It's helped to take my mind off things.  Been stitching more of my "Sampler Game Board" designed by The Drawn Thread.

Yes I put it into my little Q Snap frame, it's less daunting this way!!  You can see I have stitched the crown, the house above the crown and the little lamb.  Not bad.... Onwards!! Slowly does it...

I hope you are all well... Tomorrow is another day!

Smiles to you all

Xx :) xx


  1. I hope the honey and cinnamon works for you!! At least might give you some relief! Good to hear you are being discussed!!! Lol!! I just hope they come up with something to help you out. Your stitching is lovely...and slowly does it is good!!

  2. Hope the homeopathic remedies help ease your pain. Nice progress on the game board.

  3. Lovely stitching, hope you'll feel better very soon. Bisous

  4. Your stitching is looking lovely, I hope you find things of comfort soon

  5. The gameboard is coming along nicely.
    Hope today brings some news of help for you. x

  6. Lovely progress with your stitching.
    I sure do hope they come through for you with REAL help.

  7. The sampler game board looks fabulous. Yay for finally hearing from the doctor. I will be hoping for some good news! Glad you tried the tea - maybe that will be what helps the most. :-)

  8. I hope to help you to come !!!
    I think that medicines are disgusting, but healthy:-)

  9. I hope you are feeling better! Love the stitches!!

  10. The honey and cinnamon does actually work. It's not the tastiest drink, but I drink it with cold water and drink it down fast. Hope it helps you as well :)


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