Friday, 30 January 2015

Still inside.

Hey all,

Mum just text me and told me that the doctors did a scan on her bad leg due to the swelling and have found that she has some clots in the smaller veins, because of this they are giving her some blood thinning injections, (how fun!) to see if that helps at all.

So not doubt she will be in there for a while longer!

Mum has been sending me photos of the food she has been eating, now not eating meat means she is pretty much living of salad and egg haha

These look super yummy haha!

So that's all for now and as soon as I know anything else I will update more :) :)

Han :) x


  1. I hold all fingers, let the pain stops!

  2. At least they've found something! Hope you're better soon Jacquie xx

  3. Oh boy! My mom had a blood clot problem in her leg. This take a looong time to go away from my understanding. puh!
    Yikes! I guess starvation is one way to loose weight?!

  4. Glad that they learned whats wrong. Sending you lots of well wishes and hugs Jacquie!
    Hope all your pain stops and you can get some rest.
    love Annette

  5. I feel her pain re: the food. In Galway they actualy scape the meat off the plate and expect me to eat the mash and tinned peas...diabolical. I would be thrilled if there was a salad. Glad they have found out what is wrong...hopefully the thinners will help bring down the pain and the swelling. Dora, WE MISS YOU.....get home soon: blogland and fb just isn't the same! And thank you to your lovely daughter for keeping us up to touch.

  6. Fingers crossed the medication does the job and you are soon home Jacqui.
    The salads look very tasty.

  7. Hope it works quickly for her. You guys have better hospital food there than we do lol. Get better soon!

  8. So hoping the injections work quickly so you get to feeling better Jacquie!! I must say, although I'm sure hospital food stinks everywhere, that looks 100 times better than the scary mystery meat (and other disturbing things) they tend to serve in the hospitals I've been to in the US. Sending tons of hugs and we'll wishes :-)

  9. Glad they have found the cause of your problem Jacqiue, maybe now you can get on top of it and progress favourably. Took them long enough mind you.Your salad actually looked good enough to eat :-) Hugs Shirley N.Z. p.s. keep stitching.

  10. So pleased the Dr's have found something...hopefully it eases the pain and swelling and you will be home soon! Thinking of you!

  11. Thanks again Han!
    Dora - I hope this is good news and you are on the road to recovery - I miss you! xoxo

  12. Oh, Han. Thank you for the update. I hope the medication for the clotting works quickly and your mum can come home. The salad looks pretty good to me ;0)
    Take care - hugs to you all

  13. I am glad to hear that they seem to have found what's wrong, fingers crossed that the thinners do their job well and quickly!

  14. hope they can get rid of the clots soon and get her better and out of hospital...............take care han and thanks for updating us..............hope she has lots of sewing with her................

  15. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery and as pain free as possible.


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