Friday, 9 January 2015

Very tired today....

Hello good friends...

Yes it appears I have already over done things.. I am worn out :(

I literally just took Han to the doctors, oh for a follow up appointment with the skeletal people.  It was a waste of time... told us nothing new.   Then I got back in the car and met my parents at Costa coffee shop for a chat and coffee.. although I was feeling hot at this point so had a lovely cold drink.

Yes Han said I looked a little 'off' and tired by this point.. so we rested and lingered for slightly longer to try and claw back some lost energy.

Then I went home and basically have sat in my stitching chair all afternoon... not stitching at first as I was too tired.  But I did eventually start!!

And oooh look what I have been up to...

Remember this ...

Its the Stitchers Verse sampler designed by Charland Garvin.  Its from my Cross Stitch Collection magazine, issue no.49, Oct/Nov '99.

My journey....
Where I stitched to...

And remember this... the magazine 'look' and my stitched version....

The border is AWESOME... the magazine really does not show the colours at all.  ha ha and my photo taking skills are dreadful at the moment, I hope you get the idea.

The crown was first...  OMG!! The thread was awful to stitch with... its just like using metallic threads all over again.  But I worked through it.. and well I am pleased I did as its lovely.

Close up...

And onto the border...

I did say that my photo skills had left the building!  ha ha just like Elvis!  

I do hope you can see the colours in the border?

It literally is draining me, the amount of concentration I need for this is heaps... but I love the way its looking.

So that is what I have managed to stitch today...

Hope your all well and happy.

Tomorrow is another 'happy' day that will be full of smiles... and I hope a little more energy too!

Thank you all for popping in to see me :)



  1. Don't push yourself too much, it will only do you more harm than good :)

    Your stitching is looking fabulous x

  2. Looking good! Try not to over do it. Trust me I have to keep reminding myself of the same thing as my arm is still in recovery.

  3. Your stitching is beautiful, you are very clever!!
    Take it easy and rest.....not too much too soon ok???

  4. Oh my goodness! YOU need to REST!!! Super beautiful stitching and Yes the colors in the border are amazing!!! SOOOO happy your home - but please take care!
    love and hugs Annette

  5. Hi Jacquie, I haven't done much blog reading over the Christmas period, so was shocked to read you had been admitted to hospital.. very pleased to see you are home now although obviously still feeling tired.. take it slowly and be easy on yourself.. your Blue Ribbon is lovely and so is this Stitcher's verse Sampler.. beautifully stitched..
    Take care and blessings
    Chris x

  6. I hope you have had a good night's rest and feel much better today.
    A wonderful sampler that you are stitching on right now. All the colours that you use just pop out because of the great fabric colour. Wonderful!

  7. Absolutely stunning work. Well done. Just a bit each day and it will soon grow. X

  8. Jacquie, watch for yourself very careful !!!!!
    Rest, rest and relaxation - you need it!
    Your stitching is great, but will wait for you:-)))
    Hold on!

  9. Rest, rest, rest!
    Beautiful work Jacquie.

  10. This is lovely, such pretty colours.

  11. Wow, the colours are just splendid! What a lovely project :)


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