Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Gosh another post!!

Hello lovely friends, firstly thank you for your kind comments on my last post.... I am still trying to find my feet and get around to see what you have all been up to.  I love blog hopping it's so much fun.  

Oooh yes another post from me!! 

Today is Tuesday and oh just another day for me! Ha ha 

Han had fun with Morgan and his mum at IKEA yesterday... No doubt she will do a post today or tomorrow about her epic trip on her blog!  I was a little sad I did not go, but realistically looking at it I just could not walk around in the shop.... Ha ha I would have trouble getting out of the car park!  I am trying to build up my strength and stamina again but it's a slow long process.  And dealing with a limp/hobble thing too... Although I think it's slightly better?  My crutches are great... They actually prevent my back from hurting too much.  Oooh yes still no news on the hydro pool, soon I hope!

Ok well I finished stitching the Primrose Maiden as mentioned in my last post... I made the smaller stitch into a cute pincushion but need my sewing machine to finish the other I stitched.  Hmmmmm not sure how long it will be until I am back on my sewing machine so :( looks like another project shelved for now.

Well here is what I stitched....

This is the Primrose Maiden from Just Cross Stitch magazine, April 2015 issue.

And my journey...

Yes the back of the cute pin cushion I mashed together from little bits I had already stitched... I think it kind of looks ok :)

There it is!! So now temporarily shelved....

So I thought about what to stitch next and OMG!! Why not I thought!! I brought out an old favourite of mine.  Not been out for a while, shame on me!! I should try to finish it, or at the least try to stitch more!! 

It's a wonderful design from The Drawn Thread called "Sampler Game Board" .... I am stitching it on 25 count Belfast linen using DMC threads.. And started this project hmmm during 2014...

I picked it up again and made some progress... I stitched numbers 5,6,7,8,9,0 and even joined up the inner square.  To my amazement and relief it actually joined!! Ha ha 

A big line to stitch...

Closing the gap...

So today I think I will work on stitching the letters around the outside... Then I think it will look half complete! 

It's such a lovely design I should try and do more...

On with the stitching!!

Hope your day is filled with smiles :)


  1. You and I tend to stitch the same things! First The Tortoise and The Hare, and now the Sampler Game Board! I stitched the game board in 2009 and it now hangs in my kitchen. One of my favorite projects. Your pin cushion looks very good!

  2. Lovely work Jacquie. You are getting quite the finishing pile, aren't you? :)

  3. What sweet stitching, Jacquie!

  4. Primitive Maiden and the Checker board look great!

  5. Good progress on the Sampler Gameboard! Your Primitive Maiden pieces look super.

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Like the game board. Congrats on it matching up!

  7. Such a relief when the lines add up, isn't it~? :D Your little cushion looks good and your pile of finishes is ever growing!

  8. Love your sweet little finish!
    The game board is looking great! The colors are so pretty!
    Glad you're doing better!!

  9. What a great project to keep you going whilst recovering... each little square will be like a tiny finish... its looking super.

  10. Good progress! It's always so nervewracking seeing if things will match up. I check it like 12 times lol.

  11. The Primrose Maiden looks lovely, I really want to stitch her myself now.
    Love your Gameboard too, such a relief that the border met up too!


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