Monday, 18 May 2015

Me happy? ....

Well I am trying to be!! 

Hello wonderful friends, it's really lovely to be here, I mean that.... Having not been here for so long, now to be popping in more and more as I am is brilliant :)

I did want to get into stitching my fantastic HAED, William Morris design called The Strawberry Thief... But my concentration levels are not back to what I really need yet.  I keep going back to it though... I so love the design.  Ha ha I may just surprise you all one day and give you an up date!  

I am stitching...this is a really good thing for many reasons... It's helping me think about other things!! Ha ha ha. Yes and by me saying that it's true I am not back to old self yet.  I still have a lingering stomach problem, that is really not letting me get any better.  My doctor has given me permission to eat literally anything!  Ha ha seriously!  Now this is a total shocker for me as many of you know I do try and take the heLthier option and eat healthy.  The doctor also told me to eat chocolate!! I am deadly serious my doctor did.  The reasoning behind this is because I am having problems eating anything... I want so much to eat properly and normally but unfortunately I still cannot hold a lot in my stomach.  No one is sure why at the moment, my whole stomach is very tender to touch too... I fear more tests from the doctor :( Little and often and what ever I like!! Ha ha well a typical days food at present is... 1 slice of toast with marmite for breakfast... Then possibly between 2-3 I feel ok to eat again so try a small roll with cheese or yes or... A small salad, but cannot eat a lot maybe roughly about 6-8 mouthfuls of food.. Then maybe come 6-7 if not later I feel I want to eat again and maybe manage 2 triangles of pizza from a small pizza... I am drinking trying to drink hot water infused with fresh ginger.  We read it's good for you!   Compared to my pre-illness food intake that what I mentioned is nothing, not even a third of what I usually ate!

But enough of me!!  Just want you all to know I am working hard with my doctor to get better... And yes I still have a problem with my knee too!  It still will not straighten... But at least I am in less pain now... Thank you all for your continued support...your all wonderful :) xx

So yes... Like I say stitching has been helping me, I started a lovely little stitch from Country Cottage Needleworks called Country Cottage Kids "Little Miss Muffet".  I wanted to stitch and get back into it for ages now... It's been hard picking up my needle again.. But I stuck with it as I love the benefits of it.  Oh you know seeing the joy it brings me, loving what I create and best of all it takes me to another place... A happy care free place!

I should say I was attracted to this wonderful sparkly fabric in my stash... So had to stitch on it!! The fabric is called Glistening Heather and it's 28 count Cashel Opalescent, just love it!!!

Here is how it started...

And where I am now...

Oooh close up.... With my cute daylight clip on magnifier... Yes helping my tired eyes!

It's a really enjoyable happy stitch... I think the fabric is helping!! Ha ha. Not much left to do.... Oooh then what joy!! To choose something else next!  Best get this one finished first!!

I am still getting out and about.... Not that often though as its a lot of effort.  On Sunday just gone Han and I went swimming!! Ok when I say swimming I don't really mean swimming... Yes we went to our local swimming pool and I went into the water!! But swimming....erm... No!! My knee was having none of that!!  Oh but let me tell you it was wonderful to float about and walk...walk properly!! Yes properly!! Without a limp/hobble thing going on!! The water was brilliant, I stretched my knee and leg and moved about a lot to stretch my back too.  With all that limping/hobbling thing going on it's really hurting my back, so the water was wonderful. Ha ha when I was in it!! Han loved the water too... Did her back the world of good too.  We are glad we went, but let me tell you when I got out the water to get dried and dressed... Too much back pain.. So not sure whether to go again soon or leave it a while until I am a little stronger?  The next day now (Monday) my knee feels fine... The rest of me is in pieces!! Ha ha hence why I am typing this again on my iPad whilst lying in bed!!

I want to thank you all for being so lovely and patient with me... I will eventually come back full time every day up dating again.  But for now it's as and when, I so love blogging and this wonderful community.. I could never give it up, so rest assured I will be back!!

Smiles to you all :) 


  1. Thank you are stitching again! This is such a cute design. I think it's a good idea to stick with the smaller simpler pieces until you are back to full strength. Especially when they are as lovely as this one.
    Food wise, you are best to eat little and often. I have cornflakes for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch and something cooked for tea with one sweet snack whenever I feel hungriest inbetween. So you don't need to eat loads to keep your energy up (and weight down!).
    Swimming sounds lovely. I did Aqua natal classes with my older son, they were brilliant fun especially in the height of the summer, nice and cool in the water and you took the weight off the bump!

  2. Be gentle with yourself. The water will do loads of good for your knee. Hydrotherapy at it's best. xx Sending you soft and squidgy hugs xx

  3. Glad you're doing some better and able to get around a bit. The swimming and water is probably great for you, so that was a good choice!!
    I'm sure your tummy will work out--you've been through a lot!!! Hang in there!!!

  4. Lovely stitching cute chart.
    So happy to see you enjoying your stitching again.
    One step at a time , you will get there.

  5. Very nice stitching...good to hear you are able to do a little.Your stomach doesn't sound good, but eating a little often does sound good, hope you can fix it up soon. Good to hear the water was good for you to move around in...have a rest and try again....has to be good for you! Look after yourself Jacquie.

  6. I'm sure that this Miss Muffet will be a good company to you. Pretty design with lovely greens. Here i'ts rhubarb week... crumble with strawberries yesterday, glass with compote and white cheese/strawb and rhubarb cake today. Remember the tour is continuing you can check steps you missed and tomorrow a new departure. Hugs

  7. A lovely design you have chosen to work on, very pretty.
    Water exercises are so good for you, they take the weight off the affected area.

  8. Miss Muffet is very sweet.
    Yes! I think you and Han should go again this week. Your knee will improve. Are you able/willing to take ibuprofen for the back aches?
    I wish my doctor ordered chocolate! ;)

  9. Great stitching!!!
    Good idea to go swimming (or paddling). I used to go aqua aerobic when I was pregnant and it felt great :)
    Small and often is fine food wise. I'm too always watching my weight & I eat fruits for breakfast, small salad for lunch & a cooked meal for tea... no snack but plenty of water. It works for me :)
    Keep it up!!

  10. YOur stitching is o sweet, Jacquie - what a nice pattern. Please take care of yourself, go slow, you know we're all cheering for you!

  11. That is a happy stitch!!!!

    Keep focusing on being positive and I hope your health care team can get you back to rights!

  12. Nice progress on the tuffet piece! Glad you are feeling a bit better and continue to send positive get well fully thoughts your way.

    Robin in Virginia

  13. Glad to hear from you again :) I told you chocolate was good for your health! It's good to hear the water helped, I'm curious if a jacuzzi would help your back pain. I frequently get lower back pain and a hot jacuzzi works wonders. Especially if I can go to bed right after. It's good you're getting some stitching in and it's helping you get back on track. Keep up with the progress!

  14. Glad to hear your spirits are picking up again. Sorry your stomach is still upset. Hydro therapy is great for your aches and pains. You should talk to your physical therapist about it. Great job on your stitching, the little girl is adorable.


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