Thursday, 28 May 2015

What a shocker....

Well hello from my well and truely shocked house hold!! I guess you all want to know what I am shocked about?? Hmmmm it's nothing nice :(

Well remember when I was in and out of hospital hmmm over 4 months... The only way I could keep in touch with my family and friends was to use my iPhone.  Arrrrggghhhh well yesterday I got the bill for it... And yes I was, think I still and .... In shock!! It's the highest bill I have ever had on my phone.  Bearing in mind I pay £27 every normal month... The bill was £403!!! Seriously??!! Not only that I checked my remaining minutes and data for the next bill and I am almost full so now my phone has been shelved!! Until it returns to normal!! It's in my hand bag so I can still use it if I have an emergency... What a shocker!!

Ha ha I laugh but oh my! Things will be oh so very tight in this house hold for at least 2 months... Thankfully we had just had a shopping delivery so we can still eat! 

Onto something nice now...

Stitching, yest I was stitching my Sampler Game Board by The Drawn Thread.....I say was!! I did manage to get more than I expected done on it too :). Ooh quick re-cap.... It's done on 25 count Belfast linen with DMC threads.

So I think I am about half way now... 
And hmmmm yes I have been distracted again, so for now it's back on the to do pile :(

And what has took my attention?? Something nice and happy... But of course! I was looking through my charts and came across a lovely one I found in a charity shop one day.. I like it so have decided to stitch it!

Here it is...
It looks like it was originally bought in Canada, as it has a ticket from there.  It also says it's from Just Cross Stitch, would that be the magazine?  How interesting...

Yes... Cute happy designs... But ha ha which one am I going to stitch?? More clues? Ok.... Here are my threads...

And the fabric.. It's 18 count fiddlers cloth.... A natural looking lovely fabric...

So there you have it..... Love to know which one you all think I am starting.... Oooh yes!! Make a comment!!

Han has been playing with my hair.... I cannot believe how much it's grown, I need to when I feel better get some high lights in again, makes me feel better too!  Ha ha not so old!! OMG!! No!! No visits to the hairdressers for a few months at least .... Thanks to Orange mobile!! :(. Never mind.... So any way, Han was playing with my hair, look what she did...

Did this first.... 

Then moved the bobble..

I thought it was lovely and Han is so very clever too :)
Ha ha and yes.... That is me sitting up!! Ha ha seems so very odd believe me after spending so much time in bed lying down!  

EEEEKKKKkkkk..... Yes yes.. I almost forgot!! The hydrotherapy team rang me from the hospital, they took my details and what was wrong and said would call next week with a date and time for me to start my program. :). The first visit is to see what I can do, cannot do... Not in water, so they can work the right things for me to get better.  I am super excited, and cannot wait to start... Roll on next week!!

Some more good news.... My stomach is finally letting me eat a little more... It's still tough going, but I am taking this slow, the main thing I have to tell you all is that I no longer feel sick every day.  This is good news and I feel so much better too... On wards and up wards!! Taking one day at a time...

Slowly but surely I will get my left back on track....
Thank you for supporting me and sticking with me through all of this :)

Big big smiles to you all :)  :) xx


  1. Your starting the birdhouses on the upper right. Your hair looks very pretty Jacquie. Glad your feeling a tad bit better.


  2. Glad you're feeling better - love the French braid. And your stitching is so lovely. I hope you continue to improve and feel better.
    Love and hugs

  3. Dear Jacquie, phone charges is huge: ((((
    Your embroidery, as always looks great!
    I also have such a braid :-))) :-))

  4. I'm guessing the sunflowers and butterflies in the bottom right of the leaflet.
    Your hair looks great like that. It must have grown a lot since your profile picture was taken!

  5. I'm glad you are on the up, despite the nasty shock of the bill. That's rough when you needed it so much.

  6. Glad things are getting better!Mmm the bill doesn't look good though!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Your hair looks lovely in the braid. :) I wore mine that way many years ago.
    I do believe you are going to stitch up the bee hive. :)

  8. Your hair looks wonderful like that, nice for the warmer months too.
    Nice chart you found in the charity shop, looking forward to seeing which one you stitch from it.

  9. Glad you're up and about. Since I don't have a computer everything I do is on my phone. I feel your pain about the bill.

  10. Holy crap phone bill! Don't worry my sister ran up a bill for over $2,000 in one month not once but twice in a row. I have no idea how she did it I couldn't talk that much if you paid me. It was even in the days before smart phones! I love your highlights as they are now but touch ups are always fun. I just put blonde and red highlights in my hair. Go to beauty school they do a great job and it's a lot cheaper. I think the floss is for the beehive one :)

  11. The game board looks great! And a new project is always fun--maybe the beehive??
    Your hair is so pretty in a braid--I have always loved braided hair!
    OOPS on the phone--it can run up so quickly!

  12. Jacquie it's great to hear you are having forward progress. You have had a hard time indeed. I;m thinking maybe you are going to do the sunflowers. Have a lovely week end. Hugs Shirley N.Z. p.s. Hanna is a clever girl doing such a lovely braid.

  13. Glad to hear your hydrotherapy sessions are beginning soon! Your hair looks nice! A haircut would do me some good. I'm thinking your new start is the sunflowers in lower right hand corner. Game board looks great. Bummer about the phone bill; I have no idea the exchange rate between pounds and dollars but by your reaction, it must be big!

  14. My dear I am thinking of you so much...beautiful stitching..
    With hugs xxx

  15. I think you might be stitching the sunflower on the right or the beehive on the left :)
    Oh dear, that mobile phone bill is quite painful!

  16. Hope you'll stitch little houses for birds (up right), lovely chart. Nice braid I have asked my daughter so many time to do it for me unsuccessfully.Must try again and give Hanna as a model daughter ;) If you want to travel free of charge remember Mr Poirot is waiting for you! Kisses


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