Friday, 29 May 2015

Lucky lucky me.....

Well hello lovely friends.... I something really quite exciting to tell you all about.... Sorry I just cannot get rid of this huge happy smile on my face :)

So Oooh a little while ago I entered a wonderful competition on Facebook.... It was for something I have been fond of and loved for what seems ages now!! Ha ha and just really could not afford.  I do have a link to the site in my border on the right... It's been there ages as I love everything that is made.  

It's the wonderful projects bags made by SewMuch2Luv.... WOW!! Please do go see them from the link I have as she has some really lovely lovely designs.  Yes and like I say I have had my eye on them forever! 

Ooooh well I entered the competition giveaway on Facebook....AND..... I actually won!!!! I was shocked to say the least oh but so so so happy.  

Want to see what I won??

I took it out the bag and thought wow!  It's slightly padded and made really well.. I love the feel of it.... And the happy colourful fabric too.  It was sent with this cute little kit to stitch too.

I adore the little hand stitched heart attached to the zip ribbon... 

Look even a cute label on the back...

I tried it out for size with my current bits form the project I am working on now.... The project bag is actually a lot larger than my A4 chart and I fitted everything with ease inside it too.

Here is is with everything in, closed..

See look it's all in there....

What can I say????

I LOVE IT!!! In fact I am over the moon with it.... It's brilliant that I actually won it, if I did have the spare money I would, oh yes I would buy one, or two! Ha ha a

Thank You so much SewMuch2Luv :)

So there is my great win... Hope you like it and check out the link too!

Until my next post....

Smiles, no, big smiles to you all!!



  1. Oh, Jacquie - I'm so happy for you! What a great win!

  2. Jacquie: You truly deserve this lovely win, you have been through so much and this is a great win.


  3. Good for you my friend! A lovely gift that is so useful.

  4. Yay!! Congrats :). It is so cute you deserve it :)

  5. Congratulations on your win, it's a lovely project bag and the label is so sweet too!

  6. So glad it arrived safely! Thanks so much for playing along. Enjoy :)

  7. Lucky you! The kit is cute!

  8. Im so happy for you really should be a bit spoiled ;) I think we all women should be ;) The project bag as we call those is arealy a great piece and really pretty all tha added details..I also liked the heart..Maybe i should try tosew one too ..Thelittle kit is cute-Enjoy it!

  9. So lucky, it ap- pears that this bag is as useful as it is lovely fruity. xxx

  10. you so lucky...
    such cute goodies..
    enjoy x

  11. Beautiful bag! Congrats on your win!! love Annette

  12. Congrats, what a beautiful gift to receive :)


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