Saturday, 16 May 2015

One day at a time...

Hello lovely friends....

I am so so sorry to keep neglecting you, I assure you all its not deliberate.

My health is up and down at the moment, hence the one day at a time!!  I am hanging in there and day by day I do feel (some days!) a little better.

OMG!! I must tell you all about this...

Well you all know I have been bed bound for months and it's only recently that I have been up and about, be it hobbling... It's still up!! When I was bed bound it seems some of my stitching things made it into my bedroom, it was easier for me to see and get what I wanted. Hmmmmm I went to look at my stitching corner yesterday and OMG!! It's a right mess!! This is no understatement... Jon and I were sorting threads that were all over the place yesterday!  For hours I might add!! Jon is such a darling to help me :). It's from things I finished stitching and the threads never went back in the box!  

Gosh yes!! I have a really big pile of finished things too!  I am not quite ready to get the sewing machine  out so the pile will have to sit there for now! :(

Today is quite an adventure as jon and I are going to tackle our bedroom!! This is a really positive thing for me to do, as its saying I no longer want to sit in bed!! So all my stitching things will be brought back to the living room no put somewhere in my stitching corner.  Hmmmmm the stitching corner needs an overhaul too!! But that will have to wait for another day!!  At least all my stitching things will be back in one place!

As of yet no photo's but as I find things I may take a few!! 

Oh yes I would like to share a photo of Mays Halloween ornie, may is pumpkins.... And let me tell you I have been working on and off on this for weeks!! Little bit here little bit there.. I am so hoping to get it finished in May!!

It's a sweet design I found called "Potted Jacks n Crows" from Primitive Betty's blog.... Here....

A little more I have done... But still a lot to do...

So please don't think I have deserted you all... Far from it.  I want nothing better than my life to return to how it was.. At present all I am thinking about is getting better and staying out of hospital!!

For all of those who very kindly wished my daughter a happy birthday...thank you :). She did have a lovely day...we went out to lunch... She has put a post up of where we went if you would like to take a look.  I did notice when she was on my blog that she added the link to her blog... You cannot miss it!!! It's at the top of the right hand border!! Ha ha. And I think today she will be putting a post up too of all the lovely things she got for her birthday too... Watch out for that one... Some love,y gifts and I think that she is very lucky!!  :). If you have not visted han's blog go take a peek.... It's nothing.. Nothing!! Like mine!! Ha ha a Han loves to draw and doodle, I will try to encourage her to post some of her doodles... I love them, I often think they would make great fabrics!  How cool would that be!!

Ok.... So enough waffle!! Hee hee

Post again soon.... Don't worry I will be back!

Smiles :)


  1. Hi, Jacquie (I'm waving). So glad to hear that you're feeling better. Take care

  2. Well this is encouraging to read. I am hoping you are also able to eat a bit more. Have a good weekend!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you're on the mend! It must feel good to move around a bit. And don't worry, I didn't think you've deserted us. Take care, take it slow and enjoy the good progress of your recovery!

  4. Sounds like you are having some good days....hoping you continue to improve.

  5. I was pleased that you have a better !!!
    Jon is a great husband for you !!!
    All will be well again !!!!

  6. Lovely to read this post full of happiness. Maybe we should come round and have a stash sorting party!!

  7. Don't worry about us you just concentrate about getting better :)

  8. Nice to hear from you....and to see some to concentrate on getting better and mobile...most important for you right now!!

  9. So glad you are feeling a little better. Yes one day at a time is good :)

  10. Lovely to hear you are getting better , go steady we are all here for you.

  11. So happy to hear you are up a little, as for tackling your stitching stash wow I need to get organized.
    I hope you continue to heal, and get back to your regular life.


  12. Glad to hear you are still on the mend. Happy stash sorting!

  13. Great to read you are up to sorting stash and putting things in order, that's fantastic news.
    Take care xx

  14. Glad you're feeling better :)
    Great pumpkin tree stitching!!


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