Monday, 25 May 2015

Happy bank holiday Monday....

Hello friends all over the world... Today here in England it's another Bank Holiday Monday!! And a glorious day too as the sun is shining and blue skies above... If today is a special day where ever you are.... ENJOY!! 

Well I have not managed to venture out ... Not even on a mystery tour in the car!  Han has however gone out with her good friend Morgan and his mum to her favourite place....IKEA!! Our nearest store is in Southampton... Goodness going today though!!! It's going to be bedlam!  Packed no doubt with loads of people and I bet she will complain to me when she gets back! Ha ha a

So with the house being quieter... Ha ha quieter!! I have decided to do some stitching!  Ha ha what else would I do!  Seeing as now I am able to sit for a little while longer I am enjoying stitching more and more.  

I have been stitching something from a Just Cross Stitch magazine.. I subscribe to them digitally and think it's great.  I would rather the magazine in paper format as I am one that likes to flick through the pages... But having the digital copy is better than not having it I guess... I can print pages out so a win win I guess!! 

The design is by Laura Rimola of The Little Stitcher and is called "Primrose Maiden" I am stitching it on 14 count khaki Aida with DMC threads.  Oh yes and it's in April 2015 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

This is what it should (ha ha) look like.... Although not sure what I am going to do with my finished piece?

Here is where I am...

And a little more done...

I put the piece of white paper next to my fabric on the first it would show the colour more... I think it rather a pretty little design... I will carry on and see what happens!  One never knows sometimes, I just go with the moment and see where that takes me! So exciting.... You think??

I hope you all have a happy smiley day with what ever you are doing... 

Until next time..

Smiles :) xx


  1. Un excellent début,trés joli!
    Douce journée

  2. thats a lovely design..........good to see you stitching again............

  3. Oh that is a sweet design.
    I hope you enjoy your day Jacquie. Have you heard on the hydrotherapy yet?

  4. Beautiful Design!
    I am very glad to see you with a needle in his hand :-)))

  5. Great to see you stitching again. I nearly started this one myself but chose another of your favourite designers instead. Can you guess who? Her name starts with B as does her company!

  6. Glad to hear you're getting some stitchy time in. I'm laying poolside on the last day of vacation. It's a little chilly out but they have hot tubs lol. I have the day after I get back off to recuperate but man this trip has kicked my butt. Hopefully I'll get some stitching in on paradise I miss it!

  7. A super design and, you are whizzing along with it.
    Hope Han enjoyed her time at Ikea and it wasn't too busy.

  8. That is such a pretty design! Can't wait to see how you finish it. We have a holiday today also. Han is brave to visit Ikea today!

  9. Very cute design. I prefer paper magazines too. I forget about the few digital issues that I do have. ;)

  10. So good to hear you are stitching happily!! Lovely design.

  11. I love this design and stitched it myself , and may stitch this one again. Good to see you are stitching again.


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