Friday, 8 May 2015

Lovely to be back....

Hello feels so long since I was last here..

Life is hectic, I want to do so much but just simply cannot as I have no energy or walking stamina.  Now by walking stamina I actually mean I cannot walk for long using my crutches!  It's hard as I just want to walk again... I have no patience at all :(

Do you all like the picture at the top?  It's a HAED design by William Morris called 'The Strawberry Thief' and I adore it! I was oh so thrilled, well speechless too a while ago OMG! It was a while ago now :(. I tell you hospital has robbed my time away :(. Ok so yes a while ago,.. This chart along with threads and fabric was gifted to me... I know how wonderful!! And we'll I sorted all the threads into a box and well I actually made a start on it!!

It's a tiny tiny start but yes it's a start...
I have found that whilst in hospital I was comfortable...yes in the bed I am on about...see they gave me an air mattress... Wonderful invention!  But NO!! Back home I just cannot get comfy anywhere, the chairs the sofa even my bed... Ha ha funnily enough the driver seat in my car is the best place! Ha ha more on that in a moment! So sitting stitching I am having difficulty with at the moment...I am stitching, but only little bits here and there.  I hope it increases soon, depending upon how comfy I get!  One day at a they say :)

I wanted a little while ago to share with you some photos I took whilst in hospital.... Here you go!! This one is of me being anti social.... Seriously!! I have headphones on listening to music from my iPad!! And  that is my dressing gown around my face as the smell in the ward was making me feel green!! And omg! My hair!! Awful!!

This was me trying to be clever when jon called me!! Ha ha as I did not want to take my head phones off I just slipped my phone under it.... Brings a new meaning to hands free... You think!! And OMG! I look like death! So pale...I'll and tired from lack of sleep!

Do you know I worked out that this year I have spent 52 days in hospital!! OMG!! Way way too many!! And I do not want to go back..... EVER!!  

I feel so out of touch with everything... Being bed bound for months is no fun.... But at least I can hobble about on crutches now.  Well I was discussing this with jon and Han and we all think the only reason I am able to hobble around is maybe due to the 10 kg weight loss.  Yes the weight I have lost being ill...  The trick now is going to be keeping it off and more!! See I believe the more weight I lose the better it will be for my knee.... You think??  I am going to start something quite amazing.... I will tell you all about that next time :)

So yes I wanted to tell you all I have been out in my car.... Oh yes!!! I mean my car has not been driven in since ha ha last year!! Sat outside our home... Dad started it, just to make sure it would!  And it did!!! So he came out with me to make sure I could manage driving... I pulled the seat forward so that my left leg was not extended... And I could happily reach the pedal without too much effort from my left leg.  It was perfect! I could hardly believe it, it felt so natural and very comfortable too!  Oh the seat is really comfy... I feel so relaxed when driving.  I really missed driving, funny a silly thing but oh it's given me so much more independence.

Give me a little time and I will return with my updates :) I have really missed blogging and interacting with you all... And oh yes I have to catch up with all your projects too.. Popping in and out looking at your wonderful stitching and creations...oh lovely.. Yes I will get back to that.  Poor jon keeps telling me to take it easy.. I guess he is just worried I may over do things?  I just feel so alive now out of hospital... Ha ha silly thing to say as I almost died in there!  Live live live that's what I want to do!!! But all in good time!  I need to do this properly and slowly to make sure I stay out of hospital!

Thank you all so so much for sticking with me all this time... Your all ever so nice and lovely to do that :)

Things can only get better now!! 
On wards and up wards....
One day at a time...
Smiles :)



  1. Onwards and upwards, oh yes!
    I am so glad, so very glad for you. Jacquie, you lost the weight a very, very hard way, buy you can keep it off! You can, I know you can. And yes, I DO think less weight on you will help your knee immensely. I am praying for you.♥

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that you have the needle in your hand!
    It is a sign of improving health!
    Everything should be done slowly, carefully !!!!!

  3. Glad to see you better and out of the hospital!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. so pleased to hear your up on crutches......and nice to see you..............take care..............

  5. Yay congrats Jacquie you look lovely! Just think you can drive to the store now to get all of those lovely new stitchy supplies ;). Great start in your haed and I'm so happy you're getting to walk again

  6. Yay, you're home and upright! That's great. Glad to see you back stitching. Take care!

  7. Welcome back! I agree with you about the weight. I've had some trouble with one knee over the last year, have lost some weight and the trouble has almost gone. I feel it is definitely worth continuing to lose weight now! Good luck with it!
    J x

  8. So good to see you back blogging.....take it easy though wont you!! That cross stitch looks amazing! Seriously bad way to lose weight but if it helps your knee then that is wonderful! Good luck with the on going journey!

  9. WOOHOO!! Welcome home Jacquie! I love that you got behind the wheel. Talk about kicking up your heals - LOL! Good for you. Yes I bet driving felt so free for you. Glad you to have you back.
    Love your new start! It's going to be stunning. love Annette

  10. Welcome back!! Lovely to hear from you again. The weight loss is the silver lining inside the cloud of being in hospital.
    Take it easy and enjoy your freedom!

  11. Hi, Jacquie!! (I'm waving). So glad you're home and back on line. You've been missed, Girl!!
    Hugs from Iowa, USA

  12. Glad you're back home!! Great news about the weight loss, keep it that way because it will definitely help with your knee. Keep moving, plenty of fruit & veg & you'll soon be back to normal :)
    Great start on your Haed, plenty more crosses to go!!


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