Friday, 22 May 2015

Lovely time stitching....

Hello friends...

Not sure if your all aware but Lizzie Kate ran a competition recently for people to suggest 3 words... Ha ha no I did not win! Ha ha I bring this all to your attention as the 3 words have been made into a freebie chart.... And it's wonderful.  As soon as it was released yesterday I started stitching!! 

And what good timing as I was looking to start something else!! The freebie chart is available on Lizzie Kate FaceBook page and her blog... Knowing how useless I am at putting links in on my iPad I appologise now!  

Here is what I have been up to...

First I chose the colours...

I wanted bright and happy colours...

Then to the stitching...

The design does have a little more but I chose to leave it out... I like it like this :)

I chose to stitch it on 16 count cream Aida.... Just for a change!  And I am not sure what I will do with it at the moment, I still cannot get to my sewing machine.  

Oooh yes talking of my sewing area, my lovely swivel chair is now in han's room as I no longer can sit on it... It's just too low for my knee.  So now I have a huge space where my chair goes... Hmmmm we are not sure what to do at the moment.  My parents said they would look out for a chair that is more suitable for me to use... So rather exciting :)

A little update on me.... Ha ha I am no better, rather worse actually!  I am so very fed up of feeling and being ill it's no joke now.  Does someone have a magic wand?? Anyone???

Oh and something else.... This weekend here in England is another Bankholiday!  I feel I want to do or go somewhere but what to do when you have no energy and cannot walk! Ha ha what am I like!! Han has itchy feet and wants to go out somewhere... Maybe I will take her on a mystery drive! 

Look at me... Another update!! Hee hee

Ok so I am going now, until I next pop in :)

Smiles :)


  1. Yes, I saw that sweet chart. You are speedy. It is sweet.
    I look forward to seeing what you two or three? come up with for an adventure.

  2. I saw the freebie and thought to stitch it also.....keep your thoughts positive..I am sure it is hard but you will get through this.

  3. Cute finish Jacquie. I love the colors you used. Can you please give us the DMC numbers. Hang in there. One of these days you will wake up all healed.


  4. This turned out so pretty. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. That is very the words...hope you have a great Bank Holiday and get out even for a little time. Great to see you are stitching.

  6. What a sweet design and love the colours you chose - so bright and colourful!

  7. Lovely choices for the design.

    Hope you enjoy your mystery drive. Maybe you should ask Siri for directions to an ice cream parlour and see where she sends you?

  8. Your version of the free chart stitched up lovely, well done.

  9. Nice color choices. Looks great!

  10. I love this chart. I have been collecting the charts and am so excited in this one. Believing in myself in something I need to learn to do but it's not easy so this one means a lot to me! I'll be getting around to stitching it along with the other words :). Yours look beautiful and you are one speddy stitcher!


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