Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July already???

Wow!! I made it!!
Hello wonderful friends..... It is 1st July!! I really cannot believe it.  I managed to stitch my Heart in Hand Joyful Journal JULY on 14 count beige Aida with DMC threads.... Just in time!! Ha ha 

Here is the stitching journey...

Ha ha once again I was that busy stitching I did not stop to take an up date photo! Ha ha   I am finding these little gems so much fun to stitch.

I don't know how I am going to finish each one yet?  At present they are just on pieces of Aida waiting for inspiration!!

Here in southern England, I live right on the coast.... And my!! It's HOT!! I managed to stand by the back door, but not for long as the heat was awful.  It's a good job I cannot go out as I found it quite hard to catch my breath stood at the door.  My lungs are still healing from the multiple blood clots and I don't think I should push myself.  So back to bed rest and lots of relaxation for me!! Ha ha 

Eating plenty of these!! Mmm

So what else have I been doing? Ha ha creating a lot of mess!! I managed to sit in the living room for a little while... Ha ha look at the mess I created!!

The arm of the sofa where I am sitting...

On the sofa to the left of me!... 
Yes all my things to hand..

Then me being me.... I wanted to find a cute design... In a magazine.  But could not decide which magazine.  So they all come out and I looked through them all!! Ha ha kept me quite for days!! I found what I was looking for!!

Ha ha yes that is my foot as I was sat on the sofa with my feet up when I took this photo! Lol

So sure I have been really busy!! Ha ha 

I did start another Blackbird design.... Yellow Submarine again on 36 count grey raw linen using the listed DMC threads.  
Jon said this looks like a telly tubby picture! Hmmmm

I will post more as I go... 

It's only Thursday... But looking ahead..... Friday is going to be fun as its stitching with friends again!! Oooh I love joining in as I get to hop about and look at what everyone is doing.

Big smiles to you all :)


  1. Haha it totally is a teletubby! I can't believe all the magazines you have! Good luck finding some designs!

    1. I have been collecting magazines for a long long time.... I have some older than Han!! And she is 20!! I keep them as I like the feel of flicking through magazines, and then I have designs right to hand too! Ha ha they will all have to go back in the cupboard soon!!

  2. You should see my colection of magazines, we who cross stitch can not have only a couple of mags we have to have lots so we find what we need to work on. If I live to be one hundred I will never finish all that I want to do. Love your stitching and take care not to over do things. You need to recover so if this is your sick year then next year will be you healthy year and on and on from there. Please email me your address, I have something to send you and need address. big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. Lots of inspiration from the magazines. Be sure not to over do it.

  4. I've been cleaning my office and found a box of mags........I enjoyed flicking thru them too..........

  5. Great job on your July. Nice start to your submarine. Oh my magazine collection got out of hand. I've been slowly cleaning them out.

  6. Great finish and new start! Love your stitching area. Looks like mine when I'm sorting threads and fabric lol!

    I used to have lots of magazines too but I got rid them.i had nowhere to store them but then I started getting Just Cross Stitch lol.

    Thankfully I think it's been a little cooler here than you have it. I'm thankful for the sea breeze as I don't like it too hot!

    Hope you are getting better now.

  7. Wow that is a lot of magazines! I watch for them in thrift stores here as I won't pay the cost to subscribe but all I can find are very old ones. :)

    I'm glad your stomach has healed enough to eat freezy pops! I very strongly dislike summer haha.

  8. That's a lot of magazines! I used to have a lot also. I'd find them all at 2nd hand stores. I still have about 5 or 6 from those days. Now I have mostly JCS ornament and Halloween issues. Your finish looks great! My bedroom looks like your stitching area. I only have 3 or 4 WIPs here in the living room that I've been working from, everything is in my bedroom. Good to see you upright and eating something sweet and cold. Take care!

  9. Wonderful stitching you are doing! I used to have a huge mag stash too, many went to the op shop when we moved house.....a few new ones have managed to creep back in though.... Lol!!

  10. I think we've probably got all the same magazines! I started collecting back in 1993.
    Your sofa arm looks the same as mine as well.
    Looking forward to seeing Yellow Submarine grow.

  11. A wonderful collection of magazines, its always nice to browse and see designs you forgot about and of course your taste in what you want to stitch is continually changing.


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